” On Sunday,I try to write more.”
–Oscar Micheaux


Oscar Micheaux produced the light of dignity that all Black Americans could immerse in beautifully proud and steadfast. Oscar Micheaux wrote seven novels and forty-four screenplays. Oscar Micheaux was the first Black Best Selling Author and he was the first

Black Independent Filmmaker in America. During his lifetime he produced and directed over

forty-four motion pictures during his lifetime. He produced his first full-length feature in 1919,

The Homeseader.

Today, Oscar Micheaux is celebrated as the first Black serious filmmaker in America, the truth be told Oscar Micheaux was first and foremost a writer; he wrote everyday of his life and on the day he died in his jacket pocket there was a note to a dear friend that he himself never got the chance to deliver. The note ended with the following quote:

“On Sunday, I try to write more.” —Oscar Micheaux



1.) ” I have always tried…to lay before the colored race a cross section of it’s own life, to view the colored heart from close range.”

2.) “There is no barrier to success which diligence and perseverance cannot hurdle.”

3.) “One of the greatest tasks of my life has been to teach the colored man he can be anything.”

4.) “We want to see our lives dramatized on the screen as we are living it, the same as other people, the world over.”

5.) “Every race man and woman should cast aside their skepticism regarding the Negro’s ability as a motion picture star.”

6.) “Honest, intelligent criticism is an aid to the progress of an effort.”

7.) “The time is at hand–the Negro must be self-supporting.”

8.) “I use my films to elevate the colored race.”

9.) “We were never immigrants!”

10.) “Your self image is so powerful it unwittingly becomes your destiny.”


A final quote by Oscar Micheaux.

“It is only by presenting those portions of the race in my pictures, in the light and backround of their true state, that we can raise our people to greater heights.” —Oscar Micheaux



Charles Micheaux

Jekyll Island, Georgia 



The Homesteader. 


Author: Charles Micheaux

Charles Micheaux is a classically trained actor who lived in Europe for many years. Charles makes his home in Atlanta.

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