SIX DAYS TIL SUNDAY ( A play by Charles Micheaux)


Everyday of my life I think of my wife Brenda, she was everything to me.

One day I found out Tyrone and my wife Brenda had become lovers.

MY WIFE! My Brenda, she… My wife!  She, she, she became pregnant by Tyrone.

You believe that shit!

That damn Judas sum bitch, sat at my table and he ate my food!

Tyrone, that miserable dog went after my old lady. And I, I loved Tyrone like he was my own brother;

I taught him and brought him into the drug game and he screws me like this!

I told Brenda she was going to have to have an abortion…I took her to the doctor myself.


It was all so much like a terrible nightmare; I could not believe that this crime was happening to me and Brenda.

I waited for the abortion to be over and then the doctor walked out of the room looking gloom.

The doctor, he, he walked slowly toward me with his head down looking at the floor; and he shook his head.

The doctor, he cleared his throat…and he told me, he told me…my wife, my Brenda was gone!

I lost everything in that one moment, I lost my faith in God, in friendship and love, I lost it all when I lost


I had all the money I could ever dream of and in the process I lost my wife and best part of my life.



So, did you think about getiing rid of Tyrone?



A thousand times!



Does Tyrone know that you know he was sleeping with your wife and made her pregnant?



No! He does not, and I want to keep it that way, until I invite him into the Lion’s den.



But why wouldn’t he know?



Tyrone had been under close watch by the DEA; them white boys were on a serious mission to bust his black ass.

When they did finally bust the nigger, I got him a lawyer and I told Tyrone to keep his mouth shut about the

Black Mafia Family drug operation. I then promised Tyrone $80,000 when he got out of the slammer.



Now Tyrone is expecting you to pay him $80,000. Man! This is a tough call.



No, Shorty, it’s not a tough call for me, because I’m gonna play this fool like he played me.

I’m gonna squeeze his balls so hard his bowels are going to burst open.

Tyrone has no clue what he did to me and the wrath that I have harbored all these years.

What he did to me and Brenda will not go unpunished, not by me.



Stan this is a very dangerous game your’e playing, don’t you think?



Shorty you forget onething; I have all the cards in my hands.

I have the money to make Tyrone disappear whenever I want.



So, you made up your mind to kill this nigga?



Tyrone is a dead man walking as far as I am concerned.



What do you need me to do?


I want you to set up a meeting here on Saturday, late at the barbershop between me and Tyrone.

You got a piece on you?




I’ll get you one.


Fade to black.


To be continued…



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