JOHN BROWN American Hero

“I John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.” —John Brown

The famous Author & Novelist Herman Melville called John Brown, “The meteor of the war” meaning of course the
American Civil War.

John Brown is best known for his daring, brazen and outrageous attempt in 1859 to overtake the federal armory at
Harpers Ferry in Virginia.

John Brown dissatisfied with the pacifism of the abolitionist movement led a raid at Harpers Ferry.
His plan was to take arms from the armory and then provoke an insurrection in Northern Virginia,
in which escaped slaves could flee and also join in the insurrection with the hope that force maybe multiplied.

There were many Northern Whites who were aware of John Brown’s intentions and they even became his fiancial backers.
The ideological differences between the north and the south that festered before the American Civil War were reflected
in their views of John Brown.

John Brown’s ambition was to end slavery in America.
John Brown, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. two men who belived in God and identified themselves as followers of Christ,
and both of these men sought to set all people free in America, both Dr. King and John Brown their roots were in the Church.

In 1850 John Brown attended lectures by Frederick Douglass and Sojouner Truth at the “Free Church” in
Springfield, Massachusetts. Today the Church is known as St. John’s Congregational Church, and John Brown’s Bible is still
on display there in the year 2014.

The failed attempt at Harpers Ferry electrified the nation; many did not understand why John Brown went to such great lengths like murder and such. John Brown firmly believed that peaceful resistance was ineffective and the only way to
conquer the system of slavery was to meet it with violence with violence.

John Brown and his men were quickly surrounded at Harpers Ferry by U.S. Marines, Pro-Slavery Farmers.
John Brown and his men were greatly out numbered and after 36 hours they were taken into custody.
While seated on top of his coffin, John Brown rode quietly to his execution and his final utterance was:
“This is a beautiful country.” –John Brown
December 2nd, 1859

Historian Richard Boyer states:
“John Brown was an American who gave his life that millions of other Americans might be free.”

The take away here is… John Brown is a great American Hero!

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing

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