“When a man has given his best, what else is there?”
General George S. Patton

A work of fiction by Charles Micheaux

You ever been in the Service son? The military is what I’m asking? … No!
You ain’t never given it no thought?
Well, I’m a veteran, I fought over there in Viet Nam; there was many a good men died.

Everytime I see a pack of Marlboro cigarettes or open bottles of Budweiser beer I thinks about my buddies
in Nam, Black and White. My best friend, Johnny Stallone, a white boy, he saved my life, he died, in Nam for me.

Lord, he was a good man, one of the best Special Forces Operators I ever laid eyes on and he always had a smile on his face.

One night I was out on reconnaisance mission, me and three other Seals at the base of the Dong river where we were laying explosives to kill the Viet Cong, VC is what we call them. I heard the crack of a Sniper’s rifle and in that instant a bullet went through the head of one of my guy’s. The VC were above us on a hill and in the trees too.
Bullets rained down on our position and all of my guys knew to seek refuge in the Dong river.

It was just past midnight when all hell broke loose; I stayed hidden in the on land because I held our radio and I called in our position back to the base camp. Johnny Stallone/ Dark Horse 1 came over the radio.

“Black Arrow Three, this is Dark Horse 1 …do you read me?”

I replied back that we were under fire by as many as fifty Viet Cong soldiers and one of my three men was KIA.
We were boxed in and the only thing that saved was was the darkness and the river.

“Black Arrow Three… choppers are on the way…hold your position… over?

I replied back:
“Roger…Dark Horse 1.”

My men and I determined not to die like some animals penned in some inglorious spot fought with every fiber in us.
I knew i needed to take out the Sniper shot Larry in the head; the Sniper was in the tree maybe sixty yards away.
I reached for my explosive shoulder launcher we call the LAW, it’s what some might call a Bazooka.
I dropped the deadly explosive canister in the LAW and I let her rip; I took out the tree killing the Sniper and every living creature in that tree.

Off in the distance I could hear the sounds of the blades from the chopper coming in closer to our position.
In that moment I knew I would get my chance to kill some more VC. The Viet Cong began firing at the chopper
as the you could smell the fuel exhaust in the air.
Once the chopper landed I began to hear burst of fire from M-14 rifles…our boots were on the ground kicking ass
and distributing Death Cards.

God! I felt so good to be an American Soldier.
When the last burst of gun fire rang out the Sun rose and all the VC lay about us motionless.
I could not wait to get back to the base and have a cold beer. I grabbed my radio and called out to
my man…Johnny Stallone.

“Dark Horse 1 come in, this is Black Arrow Three over.
Do you copy? Come in Dark Horse 1 !”

There was a long silence.

Another voice came over the radio that I did not recognize.

“Dark Horse 1 K.I.A.”

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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