1.) I am told almost daily by super-sensitive members of my race that, in producing colored motions pictures, I should show nothing bad, that I should not picture us speaking in dialect, shooting craps,boot-legging, drinking liquor, fighting,
staeling or going to jail; that I should in effect, portray only the better side of our lives–and they have promptly gone to sleep on such pictutres when offered.

2.) The point being that it is an intricate task, not to say a most expensive one , to film periods gone by.

3.) The time is at hand–the Negro must be self-supporting.

4.) I use my films to help elevate the colored race.

5.) We were never immigrants.

6.) I have always tried…to lay before the colored race a cross section of it’s own life, to view the colored heart from close range.

7.) One of the greatest tasks of my life has been to teach the colored man he can be anything.

8.) We want to see our lives dramatized on the screen as we are living it, the same as other people, the world over.

9.) Every race man and woman should cast aside their skepticism regarding the Negro’s ability as a motion picture star.

10.) Honest, intelligent criticism is an aid to the progress of an effort.

11.) There is no barrier to success which diligence and perseverance cannot hurdle.

12.) Moving pictures have become one of the revtalizing forces in race adjustment.

13.) I did not by any means want to fall in love with a white girl.
I had always disapproved of intermarriage, considering it as above the very thing that a colored man could not even think about.

14.) Your self image is so powerful, it unwittingly becomes your destiny.

15.) My results…might have been narrow at times,due to perhaps certain limited situations, which I endeavored to portray,
but in those limited situations, the truth was the predominate characteristic.

16.) I want to see the Negro pictured in books just like he lives, so I formed my own book publishing firm and write my own books.

17.) My long experience with all classes of humanity had made me somewhat of a student of human nature.

18.) I have my faults as a solicitor, but ingratitude is not one of them.

19.) The poor guys down south want to see some pretty legs–dancing and beautiful girls.
We’ve got to satisfy them.

20.) What I like best is a good story with a moral.

21.) There has been but one picture that incited the colored people to riot and that still does.
That picture is Birth of A Nation.

22.) Love is something I had longed for more than anything else.

23.) The colored man has value and he matters.

24.) Farm lands are the bosses of wealth.

25.) I try to write more on Sunday

These are the best 25 quotes of Oscar Micheaux.

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