BEST ESSAYS By Charles Micheaux

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
–Dr. Martin Luther King King Jr.

On March 5th 1770 a blackman named Crispus Attucks lead the American revolt against British rule here in America. Crispus Attucks was the first American to die for the freedom of America.
The history of this great American Patriot was never taught to me in school; I am sad to say.
To add insult to injury it’s still not being taught in our schools.
How important is the history of my heritage and my race?

History is our best teacher and should be the very foundation for other subjects we must learn and teach
to our children. Today, I would like to go back to August 12th 1950 in Montgomery, Alabama.
The event is one that is so cruel and foul even now it cuts like a sharp hot knife in the eye.
This horrible act of evil really hurts me deep in my soul and I can feel my eyes even now begin to fill
with moisture.

A 21-year old black soldier in full military unifrom boarded the city bus of Montgomery; the young soldier paid his dime fare and sat at the front of the bus. The white bus driver demanded he get off the bus and re-board from the back door
where he should sit in the colored section. Pfc Thomas Edwards Brooks refused to get off the bus without the return
of his dime fare paid.

The white bus driver shouted loudly to a white policeman standing not too far away.
The white policeman ran onto the bus pulling out his billy-club and striking the young black
soldier over his head.
Pfc Thomas Edwards Brooks being semi-conscious was dragged off the bus by the white bus driver and the white policeman.
Pfc Thomas Edwards Brooks was thrown to the ground and as he struggled to stand up the white policeman shot him in the back
killing him.
No one was ever charged for the murder of Private First Class Thomas Edwards Brooks.
Who is Trayvon Martin?
Who is Michael Brown?
Who is Eric Garner?
Who is freddie Gray?
Who is Walter Scott?
Who is Sandra Blande?
Who’s child was thrown across a floor violently in Columbia, S.C. ?

Did you know under the Jim Crow law in the 1950’s Black Americans had to sit at the back of the bus and were forced to pay the driver at the front, then they were told to walk to the rear of the bus to re-board?
Only because of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., E.D. Nixon and Ralph David Abernathy this law (unjust law)
was put in check.

Where are our ROSA PARKS today as our sons and daughters are constantly being violated in the worst way?
Can you imagine if that child thrown across the floor like garbage was white?
The act of that white policeman in South Carolina as described in the paper disgust me so deeply that I will not watch the video.
The great black actress, Ethel Waters commented:
“Only those who are being burned know what fire is like.”

No other black child should ever be violated like this young girl in Columbia, S.C. for what does it say about US? You, me, the church, our leaders…what does this say about the black community as a whole?

Black America is sick today with a very severe COLD, a deadly virus of hate is in our law enforcement system and we are in need of a good doctor like that famous man from Atlanta,
Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Ga.


You can watch my videos at YouTube: Charles Micheaux





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