Je l’aime quand me’me ( I love her nevertheless)

Short fiction by Charles Micheaux

Wife (femme)
Love (Aimer)
I love her (Je l’aime)

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” –William Faulkner

Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris, France

Flight 666 from New York will arrive at gate 13-A.

“Avez-vous faim?”
“Are you hungry?”


“Yat- il quelque chose qui te tracasse?”
“Is there something bothering you?”

“Je l’ aime.”
“I love her.”

“Je ne comprends pas!”
“I don’t understand!”

“Je ne peux pas croire qu’il lui etait.
“I can’s beleive it was her.”

“PETER! What are you talking about!”

“This man, sitting next to me on the plane, he seemed to be a good man; he, he introduced me to his wife.
He, he, he, this man, the one sitting next to me, he was the husband of my first wife, Simone.”

“Is this why so many tears fall now…here, take my hankerchief; please stop crying…
PETER! Stop it.
Now. Please get a hold of yourself.
Peter, please, I love you.”

“Simone, she, she , she was… she was sitting between us on the plane.
Two husbands, one wife.
I felt her so deeply in my soul.
I wanted to cry out like some wounded animal, I wanted to stand up and tear my shirt off enraged.
When the plane landed after eight hours my legs felt numb and so I just sat there waiting for everyone
to leave the plane. I looked out the window and my mind raced back to happy times Simone and I shared together.

Simone, my first wife, she still wore “Givenchy” the perfume I selected for her so many years ago, she still wore.
I realized in the very moments of her departure, that I, I love her still.
Mon cheri, Je l’aime quand me’me.”

You can watch my videos @ YouTube: Charles Micheaux


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