“Me don’t be on the white man side, nor the black man side, me on God’s side the one who created me.”
–Bob Marley

Five years ago while sitting in a very large conference room at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia I took the initiative
on a major community project called, BLACK MALE JUVENILE JUSTICE FORUM, the project was one that had great difficulty getting from just being an idea to being an actual progarm with a life. I was the newest member of a number of scholars who call themselves The Brotherhood Collective.

I volunteered to get this project off the ground and running; the ambition of the project was to educate black youth about Georgia’s law. We brought in judges, attorneys, mentoring organizations and religious leaders to educate the youth from the age of 12 to 18 on how they should re-act when faced with a question or questions from a police officer if stopped.
The project was held on a Saturday, November 6th 2010 to be exact. It turned out to be a wonderful forum for the city youth of Atlanta.

Five months ago, early August while having lubch with a friend, she asked me If I would consider doing another law forum.
This was right after Michael Brown’s killing by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO.
I did not give answer to her request I just continued eating my chicken salad, but she continued to sell me on all
the noble reasons I should helm this project again. I let the idea float.
It took me two weeks before I made up my own mind to put together a new juvenile law forum for my city of Atlanta.

Strange as this may sound I have many many set backs and rejections regarding putting this juvenile law forum together.
I have asked certain organizations & leaders for their participation in helping make this forum worthwhile.
Over the past five months the disappointment of these disconnected liars really began to depress me and take the wind out of my sail. One day I sat at my desk and I was hardpressed to understand these loafers & liars.
Next to a 5×7 picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. there was a new DVD on the life of Bob Marley that I still did not view.

I put the DVD into my player and this most wonderful documentary on Marley knocked my socks off.
In the very begiining of the profile we see a picture of Bob Marley’s father and he is a white man sitting on a
black horse; to my astonishment they look exactly alike.
A very moving and personal story is revealed in which Bob Marley for the first time in his life reached out to his white family for fiancial help and he was totally rejected, they flat out denied he had anything to do with them.
Bob Marley walks away from this very painful experience but rather than feel bitter he turns it into fuel for greater
motivation, he looks inside himself and he knows that God is in him and with this knowledge he becomes stronger and his will
to become a world class super star will no longer be denied.

Bob Marley goes on to write a song about this very experience he had with his white family members.
“The stone that the builder refused.” The story of Bob Marley fascinates me because the name Marley is world famous
not because of his white family, but because of this very poor half white, half black boy from St. Ann, Jamaica
named Bob Marley. He, Bob was the head corner stone rejected by the Marley family and today they are more than happy to claim him as one of their own.

The setbacks we face are simply challenges for us to become stronger and even more engaged in our ambitions and hopefully those ambitions are to make the world a better place in some small way.

Bob Marley died on May 11th 1981 he was only 36 years old.
I pray many will share this story about this very decent human being we call Bob Marley.

You can watch my videos @ YouTube.


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