Three Irish Boys & George

Two of my favorite stories are about the surmountable challenges of life that we all will face one day.
The first story is a story of fiction often re-told by President John F. Kennedy; JFK loved to tell the story about the three Irish boys who were making their way across the countryside. JFK told this short sweet story to sell America on the idea of landing a man on the Moon before the end of the decade.

The three young Irish boys were walking along the countryside when they came upon an orchard wall which prevented them from continuing on their journey. One of the boys took off his cap and he tossed it over the wall and then he looked to his two friends. The three boys thought for awhile and then they decided they would use themselves as a ladder; one boy put his foot in the other two boys hands and he was lifted to the top. The boy at the top then reached back down and pulled his two friends up and they all climbed the wall and continued on their journey.

The set backs we face are simply challenegs for us to become stronger, smarter and even more engaged in our ambitions.

My favorite story outside the great story of Moses, is the true story of a young man named George.
My father told me the story when I was faced with a very difficult situation and I was at a loss in a moment
of great challenge.

A young man who grew up into poverty during the Depression dreamed of one day going to college and becoming a teacher.
The young man took on many jobs to get himself through college and one day the young man realized he was a senior about to graduate from college. The young man’s profeesor told the senior class that the school was offering an assisstant teaching
position to the senior who made the highest score on the final math exam. The night before the exam George pushed himself
as he had never pushed himself before. In his small room under a single lamp he continued to work on different mathimatical problems.

George refused to even try to get some rest for he was obessed and as fate would have it he collasped from exhaustion.
George awoke late the following morning only to discover he had overslept and the school test had begun; it was 9:10 A.M.
George felt devastation as he looked at the clock on the wall of his small room.

Was this a horrible dream?
What must one do?
How does one overcome the situation?

George reasoned: If there is life, there’s hope.

George bolted for the door and he raced to the school as fast as his legs would carry him.
George rushed into class to take his seat and everyone in the room laughed out loud as the professor frowned and handed George the exam paper where there were eight math questions to be answered.

One hour later the professor asked George if he was almost finsihed and George pleaded with the professor for more time,
the professor told George to put the test paper in his mail box when he was done; the professor left the class and George was all alone. George sat there for the next two and a half hours trying to answer the fianl two questions from the blackboard. Fianlly George was able to answer the two very difficult questions left on the blackboard.

Sunday morning 9:00 A.M. George was rocked from his slumber as someone continued to pound on his room door.
George half asleep opened the door to find the professor standing in front of him out of breathe.

The professor ranted:

“George! George! You came in the late the other day for the test…and so you did not hear my announcement before the exam;
I told the class it’s been great having you as students and for fun I put up two of the unsolved math problems for you to play with for the rest of your lives, by the way, these two math problems, Albert Einstein could not answer.
GEORGE! YOU, You answered them both correctly and I’m here to tell you, that you have a job at the school as my assistant teacher.

Yes, the set backs we face are simply challeneges for us to become stronger, smarter and even more engaged in our ambitions.

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