DOGS GO TO HEAVEN TOO (Updated 2017)

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interest of others.”
–Philippians 2:4

I am hard-put to understand how anyone can be cruel to animals; animals have no voice with which to speak but our own.
Some may think I’m crazy, but I believe animals go to heaven too.
Many years ago while enjoying a slice of pizza with my twelve year old niece, Jasmine, her dog Luke was given a plate
with two slices of pizza. I found this most interesting and amusing and I watched in utter delight as Jasmine’s dog ate the pizza.

Jasmine told me Luke always received two slices of pizza; something her mother started since she was born.
I knew there was a good story to follow here, so I pursued it with, WHY? My niece, Jasmine became watery eyed as she thought of her mom, Abby who had died much too young from a brain tumor. I quickly lost my appetite and became somber; Jasmine wiped the tears from her cheeks and went on to tell how Luke actually saved her life.
I was aghast!
My mouth hung open as Jasmine took me back in time and told me her story.

“My mother was upstairs taking a shower and my father had just left for work and there was a piece of toast stuck in the toaster which sparked a fire. Luke ran upstairs and stood outside the bathroom door barking at the top of his lungs.
I was recently from the hospital in my crib; mom ignored Luke.

Luke ran back downstairs and the fire had grown outside the toaster, Luke ran back upstairs and somehow he managed to
turn the door knob of the bathroom door. My mother told me Luke grabbed the bottom of the shower curtain and pulled the whole thing down and out of the bathroom and down the stairs back into the kitchen.

My mom told me she saw the fire took the fire extinguisher from the wall and was able to put out the fire. So from then on everytime mom bought a pizza she always gave Luke two slices.”

Luke passed away five years ago and the amazing thing about this true story is the fact that Luke was a dalamtian.
A fireman’s dog and now he’s in heaven with Abby, and still getting two slices.

When Luke was a puppy Abby was not happy when my brother brought Luke home for she did not want a dog.
Soon she grew to love the very smart dalmatian puppy. Also note there was no fire extinguisher on the second floor
of their home; surely Abby and Jasmine would have died in the fire, but Luke saved them both, hence “TWO SLICES”
for Luke.

Charles Micheaux
Ocho Rios, Jamaica


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