He Had A Key To His Father’s House

Where there’s rain, there’s a flower.

The story I am about to share with you today is a true story and one of the best that I have ever heard.
The story is about a father and son and the father he loved his son dearly and the father never told a lie
to his son. One day the son was to soon graduate from high school and the father was so proud of the son
for never going to jail or getting into trouble.

The father called his son to him and he told his son how very proud he was of him for being a good son;
the father told his son he was going to buy him a new car as a graduation present. The following Saturday the father
took his son to the car dealership and he told his son to pick out the car of his choice. The son was amazed and he could not believe that his father would buy him any car he wanted on the lot.

The son questioned the father:
“I can pick out any car I want!”

The father smiled and told his son yes.
The son was given the keys and soon he took red convertible Mustang for a test drive alone as his father went into work out the details of the car purchase with the sales manager. The boy was elated that he would receive a new car upon graduation day.

On the morning of the son’s graduation the boy ran to the front door searching for his new car; it was not there.
The father was coming down the stairs and in his hands he held a package beautifully wrapped and inside the package
there was a very beautiful Bible. The father handed the beautifully wrapped Bible to his son and told him this was
his graduation present.

The son opned the package wrapped and he saw only the Bible…the boy took the Holy book and he threw it to the floor,
he was enraged because his father had not bought him the car as promised; the father told the first lie.
The boy left his father’s house and after graduation sometime later he moved out of his father’s house angry.
The boy was so angry with his father he stopped speaking to him all together and he never speaks to his father again.
I said, he never speaks to his father again.

As life is short and precious his mother called him one day on the phone to tell him his father had just passed away.
The mother demanded that he come to his father’s funeral and out of respect to his mother he comes back home.
The whole time he left his father’s house the son always had a key to his father’s house; the door was never locked and he was never not welcomed in his father’s house.

The son walks in the his father’s house and the first thing he sees is the Holy Bible sitting on the table,
the book his father tried to give to him so long ago which he the son rejected.
The son for the first time picks up the Bilbe that his father tried to give him and he opens it up and
the first thing he sees when he opens up the Bible is a check made out to his name for the exact amount of money
for the car he wanted.

In his hands all the time was the car though it be in check form; the boy’s father gave his son options,
just in case the son wanted to Buy something else.

Oh God!
How many of us have rejected our Father who is in heaven?
Has He not given us the Book,we need with all the gifts and promise we need ?
This is a true story!

I can’t help not understanding why the son in this story, this true story did not believe his father;
his father never, ever lied to him.
Has our Father in heaven ever lied to us?
He has not.

Like the boy in this true story, we, you and me, we have the keys to our father’s house.
Read the Bible and there you will find peace, joy, wisdom, love, understanding and power and options
of life you never knew you ever had.

I, Charles Micheaux, I am startled by a cry, it came down from the cross the first time I heard it,
and I went outand serached and found a man in the thores of cruxcifiction and I said:
“I will take you down!”
And i tried to take the nails out of his feet.
And He said:
“Let them be, for I cannot be taken down until every man, woman, and child come
together to take me down.”
And I said:
“But I cannot bear your cry…what can I do?”
And He said:
“Go into the world and tell everyone you meet,
there is a MAN on the cross named, JESUS!”

Glory to His Holy name!

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