In 1946 Irene Morgan refused to give up her seat for a white passenger and she was arrested.
Today I ask the question, the important question:
On August 12th 1950 in Montgomery, Alabama a 21-year old black soldier in full military uniform boarded the city bus in Montgomery; the black soldier paid the full fare for the ride and he took an empty seat at the front of the bus.
The white bus driver demanded the black young soldier get off the bus and re-board from the back door where he should take a seat in the colored section of the back of the bus.

Pfc Thomas Edwards Brooks refused to get off the bus without the return of his full fare paid.
The white bus driver flagged down a white policeman standing not far away. The white policeman ran onto the bus pulling out his billy-club and striking the young black soldier over his head.

Pfc Thomas Edwards Brooks being semi-conscious was dragged off the bus by the white bus driver and white policeman.
The young black soldier was thrown to the ground and as he struggled to stand the white policeman shot him in the back
killing him.

No one was charged for the murder of Pfc. Thomas Edwards Brooks.

Two months before Rosa Parks arrest, there was Claudette Colvin, she too refused to give up her seat and she too was arrested
but no protest followed her arrest.
Why did the people of Montgomery, Alabama come together in the case of Rosa Parks?

The answer:
God had not sent Martin Luther King Jr. into Montgomery yet; the short answer is Abernathy & King had not formed
a partnership yet, this partnership had to take place and this partnership was set in place by God almighty.
Martin Luther King Jr. 26 years old, he ws new to Montgomery and had not settled in good yet, however, when he and his lovely wife, Coretta Scott king arrived in town there was a new and wonderful breeze that came with them.

Ralph David Abernathy was the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Montgomery, the largest black church in
Montgomery, Alabama. Reverend Abernathy was also a high ranking officer in the NAACP in Montgomery.
On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks took a defiant stance against Jim Crow and she decided for herself she would rather go to jail
before she would be pushed around ever again.

Rosa Parks was arrested and soon the whole black community in Montgomery came together and there sparked the most important
protest for civil rights in all of American history.
Reverend Ralph David Abernathy could have taken the leadership position for the protest in Montgomery, but he did not,
also there were many black preachers who thought they if not Ralph David Abernathy should lead the protest.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was so new to Montgomery it never was an idea in his mind he would lead the protest,
not in his wildest imagination could he have dreamed of the role he would be thrust into by Ralph David Abernathy.

Ralph Abernathy went straight to Dr. King and he asked him to be the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association
(MIA) Dr. King refused.
Ralph Abernathy demanded that it must be…Martin King Jr. was the only man for the leadership position;
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resisted and flat out rejected this idea.

Why did Dr. King reject this high position?

Dr. King did not want the other black preachers to dislike him for he had not set both feet firmly in the soil of the city.
Ralph David Abernathy was a wily preacher he knew how to communicate the right way to this young scholarly and very
eloquent preacher from Atlanta, Georgia.
Ralph Abernathy placed a hand on the shoulder of Dr. King and he looked into the eyes of this man called King and he said:
These were the magic words and Martin Luther King Jr. accepted the role and the crown of King was placed upon his head
by Ralph David Abernathy.

We have Ralph David Abernathy to thank for finding our Moses.

I have written many essays on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a matter of fact
I wrote for Yahoo for three years and each year my high value essay was always on
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
I felt great joy that Yahoo published those essays and the reach went into the millions around the world.
In 1990 shortly after Ralph David Abernathy passed on I was living in Miami, Florida and I received a call
and was asked to fly to New York to do a new play about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was offered the role
of Ralph David Abernathy.
In that role I discovered so much about American history I did not know; the role took me places that I never knew existed before.
I have played, Othello, Marc Anthony, Hamlet, Jack Johnson and George Washington Carver, but portraying
Ralph David Abernathy was hard, it was painful, and after the play ended I retired from acting and for a long time
I cried, and today when I think of him, I still cry.

Ralph David Abernathy is a unsung HERO who recent history is still failing and not kind enough to and that problem
rest with US, every Black American must and should tell their children and grandchildren about this
very, very incredible human being.

God help us with our HISTORY!




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