Keep Your Faith In God Who Never Fails

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Each year in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday I put together a program to pay tribute to him.
In the year of 2014, in light of police killing black youth, I decided to do a program called:
MALE JUVENILE JUSTICE EDUCATION FORUM…the program’s aim and ambition were to educate parents, sons, and to teach
male youth in general how to respond when stopped by the police; I hasten to add this was not a forum just for black youth.
The forum was for all youth no matter of your skin color or heritage or faith.

The idea came to me in the early part of August 2014 right after Michael Brown was gunned down by a white
policeman in Ferguson, MO. I called a meeting with the leaders of my hometown of College Park, Georgia.
I cleared my plate of all projects going forward and dedicated myself, mind, body & soul to doing this forum.
My keynote speaker had to be an attorney, since the program we are doing is about juvenile justice education.
I contacted the best lawyer I knew who’s focus was juvenile law. The attorney I selected is a very high profile attorney
who is often quoted in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

I made contact with this person in September of 2014 and he agreed to be my keynote speaker.
Soon summer passed by and fall went by too, and right after the winter solstice the attorney who promised to be my
keynote speaker informed me he was not going to be available after all.
I suddenly remembered the words of Steve Jobs:
“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”
–Steve Jobs

There comes a time when one needs to go to the book of God’s promises, and I did just that.
I went to my Bible and I read, and eye read.

“For by grace ye are saved through faith; and not of yourselves:
it is the gift of God.” –Ephesians 2:8

Two weeks later still, I have not found a keynote speaker for my juvenile law forum; and keep in mind
the keynote must be an attorney.
One day I happened to be in STAPLES copy store and I was making out post cards and making flyers for my program.
I was sitting at a table and across from me was this black woman, she appeared to be no more than thirty years
of age. I noticed that she had all these big black books in front of her, and she had a pile of papers, a very large pile of papers in front of her. Something about this woman struck me and I focused on her and after a short while I figured
she must be a lawyer.


So, I asked and she said she was indeed a lawyer.
I immediately told her about my program and I asked her if she would come and give a small talk and just give the community
her perspective as a black woman and an attorney; I never told her she was my keynote speaker.
She smiled and told me she would be happy to come and give a small talk.
I was happy.

On January 17th 2015 she was the first of the speakers to arrive, she came in with two 24 x 24 inch placards and she brought in a pair of pants and shirt and I noticed there was no belt with the pants. I ask for her bio so I can introduce her to the audience.

It’s quite long.
I read and read and read and then the tears well up in my eyes and I can see God’s hand right in front of me.

Attorney Keisha A. Steed graduated cum laude from Spelman College in 1995, and graduated from Georgia State University
College of Law in 1999. From 1999 to 2003, Attorney Steed worked at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.
This experience helped solidify her interest in pursuit of becoming a criminal defense attorney.
Upon being admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2004, Ms. Keisha Steed became a court-appointed attorney with the
law firm of Lister & Holt.
From 2004 -2007 Attorney Steed represented thousands of individuals charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses.
Attorney Steed served as a non-profit attorney for
“Keeping the Bond” a non-profit Pro-Bono law services for
imprisoned mothers.

I read Attorney Steed’s full bio and then I proudly introduced her as our keynote speaker.
Attorney Steed never knew she was my keynote speaker and I never knew she was either until
I saw God’s mighty hand right in front of me.

Attorney Steed gave a very impressive and very powerful presentation and she really proved
to be a great prize from God.

On January 15th 2016 AIRSERV & my company held a job fair at
the College Park Library, in College Park, Ga. my hometown and
it proved quite successful, many walked away from job fair with the promise of employment at Atlanta International Airport.

My enormous gratitude goes to Ms.Brenda Capers, senior executive and recruiter for AIRSERV Corp.


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