“Keep alive the incentive to push on further, that pain in the soul which drives us beyond ourselves.”
–Dag Hammarskjold

One of the world’s greatest scientist of the 20th century was the noble George Washington Carver.
George Washington Carver was born into slavery around 1864 in Diamond Grove, Missouri; a frail and sickly
child most of his young life. Young George Washington Carver was so ill suited for work as a field slave that
his owner traded him for a broken down race horse.

I often wonder how this slave boy, traded for a horse, too weak to work in the field…could ever dream of being free
and educated; it’s amazing what was going on in his mind? The harshness of his existence and the nonexistence of
a single role model baffles the mind. I began my study of the life of this great agricultural genius in 1984 when I
was asked to portray him in an Off-Broadway play. In preparing for my role I discovered that Dr.Carver is one of the most
accomplished Americans, and possibly the most accomplished American of the 20th century.

No American living or dead has overcome more hardships than this quiet humble man known the world over as
“The Wizard from Tuskegee.”
George Washington Carver had 325 GLOBAL products, let me say it again:
George Washington Carver had over 325 global products made from Peanuts, and he had 125 global products made from
Sweet Potatoes. In 1918 Thomas Edison offered George Washington Carver $200,000 to come work for him at an annual
salary of $100,000.

George Washington Carver is the only American I know of that has two U.S. Naval Ships named after him, he also has two
U.S. Postage Stamps with his image, he is also on the face of a fifty-cent coin. Hollywood made a movie about his life in 1938 called CARVER. In 1942 Henry Ford errected the George Washington Carver Museum in his honor; there are more schools
in the United States with his name than any other American, living or dead.

This is the life of a sickly slave boy traded for a horse…really?
God! Our children have no excuse!

George Washington Carver a slave boy with no parents or role model to follow made his dreams come true;
no young person in America has an excuse not to be what they dream of being, no, no just look at the lfe of
George Washington Carver and you will know, there is a way, if there is the will.

Please watch my programs @ Youtube: THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER SOCIETY.
Black History is American history and it is a history I celebrate everyday!

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia




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