“Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.”
—Napoleon Bonaparte

Reecntly I read an article in The Wall Street Journal ( Thursday April 30, 2015) by a contributor named
Daniel Henninger, the article was titled: Al Sharpton’s Baltimore. I was flabberghast at the absurdity of this opinion essay by Mr. Daniel Henninger. First off, Al Sharpton played no significant role in what happened in Baltimore, second Al Sharpton is not from Baltimore and thrid the people of Baltimore could teach Al Sharpton a thing or two about effective protest.

I speak as someone who lived in the great city of Baltimore for more than ten years and I kept earching for something in
Daaniel Henninger’s essay that gives him any authority to express serious, sound ideas on what took place in Baltimore;
I could not find a sinle thing that gave Mr. Henninger reason to write from which he knows nothing. Mr. Henninger’s essay is nothing but homespun hyperbole.

In his very flawed essay, Al Sharpton’s Baltimore, Daniel Henninger suggest that Mayor Stephanie-Blake Rawlings should step down. “In a better world, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake would step down.” –Daniel Henninger

Does Mr. Daniel Henniger think she should step down because the people of Baltimore made protest against a great and horrible injustice done to one of it’s citizens? Why would this New Yorker who has never lived in Baltimore say something so foolish? I asked myself does this man know how stupid he sounds?
A fact to note; Freddie Gray never broke the law, he was not carrying a switch-blade as reported by the six officers responsible for his death. Freddie Gray had a folding knife in his pocket; which is not against the law.
The police officers lied on Freddie Gray.

Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby stated:
“Officers arrested Freddie Gray without probable cause.”
–Marylin Mosby

I wonder if pundits know about this true fact regarding the Freddie Gray case?
Like Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Daniel Henninger shows his hubris and ignorance in this highly explosive matter.
I read the Wall Street Journal each morning and I must say I am deeply disappointed that such a trashful
and empty essay would find it’s way in the Pulitzer Prize winning Wall Street Journal.

Freddie Gray never commtted a crime yet he his dead…why is this so?
The horror done to Mr. Freddie Gray is far worse than “WATER-BOARDING”,
Freddie Gray is dead.

Freddie Gray had his feet shackled, his hands cuffed and he was thrown into the police van head first;
the police did not secure his body with a seat belt, as they went on several other calls and all the while Freddie Gray was in the back of the van he was like a marble in a steel box just bouncing off one steel end to another as he pleaded for help from the police. These six officers ignored Freddie Gray; who never committed a crime.

I lived in Baltimore for ten years and this thing of putting a person in the back of a police van with feet and hands bind and being subject to bouning against steel for two hours is something that the police in Baltimore have done many,many times to poor blacks, thousands of blacks know about the back of that van.

Who can a poor black like Freddie Gray complain to?
Now, it’s too late, and the police want to walk away scott free.
They killed an innocent man, really they did.

Finally, my observation is the unrest in Baltimore in my view was a landmark protest;
the riot, the fires got the attention of the president, the senate, the congress, the govenor of Maryland,

It seems to me right or wrong the people in Baltimore were heard and got what they wanted, which was
attention to the plight of every poor black man in America.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and it was stopped by the voices, the loud voices crying aloud
for justice.

Over 200 buildings were destroyed,500 people were arrested, half a billion dollars in lost reveneue for the state of Maryland.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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