Short Fiction by Charles Micheaux

“Desire to know, and how curiosity, which is a lust of the mind that a perseverance of delight in the continued.”
–Thomas Hobbes

Col. Dick Harris is a Soldier of Fortune and CEO of Global Executive Mission, Col. Harris has been hired by the French Government to rescue African leader, Odio Koni who is being held in a Uganda prison.
Col. Harris meets for the first time the beautiful emerald eyed red head, Claire Bouvier.

Minister Argoud and Col. Harris are engaged in a game of Chess as Claire enters the Drawing room of the Chateau.

Pierre Argoud:
Col. Harris, the funds which you requested will be wired to your account in the morning. I must concede, I was very impressed with your presentation this morning.

Mon dieu! Claire… entrez.
(My goodness! Claire…come in.)

Col. Harris, Je vous presente Mademoiselle Claire Bouvier.
(Col. Harris, I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Claire Bouvier.)

Col. Dick Harris:
Mademoiselle Bouvier…enchante.
(Ms.Bouvier…nice to meet you.)

Pierre Argoud:
Col. Harris for give me please, but I must attend to a most urgent matter right away.
Excusez- moi.

Claire Bouvier:
Bonsoir Pierre.
(Good night Pierre.)
Col. Harris, vous etes ici pour les vacances?
(Col. Harris, are you here on holiday?)

Col. Harris:
Non, je suis ici pour le travail.
(No, I’m here on business.)

Claire Bouvier:
Vous avez du feu?
(Do you have a light?)
… … … …
( Thank you.)

Col. Harris:
Je suis de Rome Italy.
(I’m from Rome , Italy.)

Claire Bouvier:
Est ce que vous etes?
(Are you married?)

Oui, je suis mariee, et vous?
(Yes, I’m married, and you?)

Claire Bouvier:
Je suis celibataire.
(I’m single.)
Can I, ask you a question?

Col. Harris:

Claire Bouvier:
Are you afraid of dying on the battlefield?

Col. Harris:
That’s an interesting question… but I have to say no;
death is a part of life that I know much about; I’m curious why you asked me that question.

Claire Bouvier:
My father was a mercenary too…and he, he died on the battlefield many years ago in South Africa. I have always wondered if he feared dying in battle.

Col. Harris:
I think the greatest fear any soldier has, is the fear of being destroyed in one’s soul; when your spirit to live and all hope is gone, this is far worse than physical death.

Claire Bouvier:
I don’t quite understand…what do you mean?

Col. Harris:
A man who has lost his entire family in a home fire will be destroyed emotionally and spiritually and he will often times find physical death inconsequential; he will think nothing of putting a gun into his mouth and pulling the trigger.That man, he does not fear death because he’s already been destroyed.

Claire Bouvier:
Hmmmmm… I see,
Si on buvait quelque chose?
(Would you like a drink?)

Col. Harris:
Je te veux.
( I want you.)

Claire Bouvier:

Col. Harris:
Je veux faire l’amour avec toi.
(I want to make love to you.)

Claire Bouvier:

Col. Harris:
( Can you…?)

Claire Bouvier:
Allons ailleurs.
(Let’s go somewhere else.)

Col Harris:
Embrasse- moi!
( Kiss me!)

They kiss passionately

Claire Bouvier:
C’ etait delicieux!
(That was delicious!)

Je me sens tres’ vulnerable.
( I feel very vulnerable.)

Col. Harris:
I must have you…
turn around…
Pick up your dress.

Fade to black.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia
You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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