George Washington Carver Was Not Gay, But Castrated (Updated 2021)

Me after lecture on George Washington Carver at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. 2002.

“The challenges of writing of this enigmatic genius–black bisexual protean–are perennial and well known.” –Daniel Mark Epstein


George Washington Carver a black bisexual…how phucking absurd!
Recently I read a very poorly researched biography on the life of
George Washington Carver written by Christina Vella.

The book is titled:


This claim that George Washington Carver was bisexual is a flat out lie.
Some have concluded that because George Washington Carver never married or had any children that he was gay, I write today to refute such wrong minded notions as pure rubbish. The truth of the matter is that George Washington Carver was castrated by his white master to prevent the possibility young George would one day have sexual relations with his daughter.

White historians are ashamed to write of this horrible, most vile act done to such a humble and noble human being. Today, there are only a few who have known the true story of this castration done to George Washington Carver.
Dick Gregory and myself are the only two men it seems to me in America who know the truth about George Washington Carver’s castration.
In 1983 I was asked to portray George Washington Carver in an Off-Broadway play called CARVER. In my research for the role I read every book ever written on George Washington Carver and even to day my study of his life continues.

Scholar’s outside the United States have been more honest and accurate in facts pertaining to the life of George Washington Carver. Why do white American historians distort the truth? It is also astonishing to me that any publishing house would allow a book with such a grand and outlandish lie go to press?

The book publisher of this  trash of a book is:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In the last ten years there has been a hard push to make George Washington Carver into a Gay Icon, which he is not and never will be. I am also one of the top scholars in the world on the life of the great George Washington Carver. God gives us only one view to see George Washington Carver and that view is up!

If you are going to write about George Washington Carver don’t make up shit; just do your research correctly and tell the truth. Nobody likes a Liar!

Charles Micheaux
President- The George Washington Carver Society


For info on The George Washington Carver Society go to YouTube and simply type in THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER SOCIETY.


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