“All men by nature desire to know.” –Aristotle

Have you ever desired to know the raw cost of an item?
I am always inquisitive about the raw cost of things, food, clothing or a drug.
Several years ago I was the vice president of a pharmaceutical company in Maryland.
One of the first things I wanted to find out was the raw cost of our most popular drug.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the company was to go talk with the product manger
and learn the raw cost of each and every drug we sold. Now, the most popular drug we sold cost the consumer $35.00 per bottle.

I hold in my hand a bottle of this drug and I ask the product manager what is the cost of this bottle,
drug, label and bottle: “What is our raw cost.”
I ask him.

He smiles at me and says Five Cents!

A year ago I went into a Wendy’s restaurant and I ordered lunch and my bill came to $7.85, now I ordered a double cheese burger, fries and a large chocolate milk shake.
The young woman who took my order and delivered my meal failed to put enough milk shake in my cup.
I was very polite to this young woman and I asked her to please fill the cup with more milk shake.
the young lady put her hand on her hip and with a look of indifference and much attitude she told me she could not put anymore milk shake in the cup.

I thought to myself:

“But I’m the customer, I am the reason you have a job bitch.”

I took in a deep breathe and demanded to speak with the manager.
The young lady was taken aback at my request, but she went back and got her manager.
The manager comes to greet me with a sweet smile and asked how she could help me.
I informed the manager that there was not enough milk shake in my cup and I was not satisfied
with the portion before me. The manager looked into the cup and shook her head and apologized to me and quickly made a new milk shake and filled it to the top of the cup where I thought it belonged.

Here’s the take away; the meal cost me eight bucks and the raw cost of the food to Wendy’s is about forty cents.

I don’t care what restaurant you go to, what you pay for largely is customer service.
If the service is lacking tell the manager and if the manager does not meet your expectation
tell that manager to just reach back into that register and you back your hard earned dollars.

In the book of Proverbs it says:
“There’s profit in labor.”


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