“All men by nature desire to know.” –Aristotle

In everyday use, we claim many things to be true: There are true friends, true ideas, and true wisdom.
According to popular philosophical view, truth is made up in a correspondence between a sentence and the world; a true sentence is a sentence that corresponds to a fact.

Philosophers who accept this view have to explain what this correspondence relation is, and under what condition it exists. They also have to define the facts.
The notable point of this theory is the claim that truth is a relationship between language and parts of the world that are not themselves parts of language. Thus, truth is a relation between sentences and
objective, language-independent reality.

The truth today for black America:

We are (Black America) all on a train going somewhere and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. paid our fare.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, GA.


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