Michael Jackson, U2 & MLK … Bond of Love

“If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.”
–Mother Teresa

Entertainers come and go but a special few have made great impact on the world; and those few will live on in the spirit forever as is the case of Michael Jackson. The love the world gave back to Michael has never died, yet Michael is gone. We still love him dearly, we still buy his records, we still rejoice to his concerts on DVD’s and there is glee when we see him “Moon-Walk”…such an amazing work of art
never to be duplicated. Michael Jackson is perhaps the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

What is even more important is the fact that Michael Jackson gave over THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS
to children’s charities around the world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important figure and role model for Michael, and in each of his DVD concerts you will see film footage of Dr. King speaking.
If you have ever gone to see Michael Jackson in a live concert you will have noticed that all races of people loved him. To see all races with smiles on their faces, all happy together in peace and love,
as one race, the human race.


God! How I love U2, U2 is perhaps the greatest Rock Band that ever landed on earth.
The band is not only made up of the best musical artist of the 21st century, but this is a group
of world class musicians that have invested themselves in fighting the ills of our world.
The ills I speak of are, racism, poverty, war, disease; these are the same ills that
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against during his life.

U2 made a song about Dr.King and I do not believe there will ever be a more beautiful song ever written about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.
U2’s “Pride In The Name of Love” is a song I have listened to one thousand and one times and each time the song brings tears to my eyes.

U2 was most helpful to Nelson Mandela in the last years of his life in raising vast amounts of money to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Yes my friends, Michael Jackson, U2 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all share a common bond and that bond is their love for humanity. The L-O-V-E is the agape love that Jesus spoke of.


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