The Lord Is My Rock…

“For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper.
He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.” –Psalm 72:12

I am startled by a cry, it came down form the cross the first time I heard it.
I went out and I searched… I kept hearing the cry, and there before me, I saw Him,
in the throes of crucifixion.
And I drew near His feet and I tried to remove the nails, but He said:

“Let them be… for I cannot be taken down until every man, woman and child come together to take me down.”

I asked Him:

“What can I do?”

He said:

“Go into the world, and tell everyone you meet, their is a man on the cross named, JESUS.”

Friends, I address you with humility, peace and love as God gives me life with many blessings in abundance. We all have a responsibility to care for each other and reach out and help our brothers and sisters held captive to the terrible ills of poverty and hopelessness.
Jesus came into this world to set us free and through Him, by His grace and awesome power each of us can be lifted out of poverty and hopelessness.

The problem, as I see it, is too many lack a true understanding of the life of Jesus.
A single human being, George Washington Carver who was born into slavery, never knew his
mother or father, traded for a broken down race horse. A teenager castrated by his white master
with no court of law to protect him.

Thank God Almighty, some good soul taught George Washington Carver how to read the Bible.
In this book, George Washington Carver found healing, he found peace and love for all
human living things and every plant from God’s magnificent mother earth.

George Washington Carver is the most accomplished American of the 20th century and if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both standing on a step ladder they could not even tie George Washington Carver’s shoe.

The homeless man or woman sleeping under a bridge today has a million more opportunities before them than George Washington Carver could ever dream about.

Why then is the homeless person homeless?
The homeless person is homeless because they don’t know the Father.
They have not sincerely prayed to the Son, Jesus to free them from the bondage of poverty.

Jesus told us:

“My father owns many mansions.”

Our Father, God does not want us to suffer the plight of homelessness.
Prayer, the kind of sincere prayer that George Washington Carver prayed
will always lift us up out of that hole called despair and hopelessness.

And to this truth, I am a witness.

I close with a verse from the Bible.

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength,
in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation.”
–Psalm 18:2


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