The History of Freedom in America

“Only those being burned know what fire is like.”
Ethel Waters
(Black American Actress)

On March 5th 1770 there was a magnificent blackman named Crispus Attucks and he lead the
American revolt against British rule here in America and he, Crispus Attucks was the very first American to die for the freedom of our nation.

Crispus Attucks should be on every military base in America; because he is in fact the very first
American Patriot ( Black or White) to die on the soil of America for the freedom of all Americans.

History is our best teacher and should be the very foundation for all other subjects we must learn and teach to our children today.

Black history has never held it’s proper place in our schools or our government; why do we know about
General Sherman, General Lee and General Washington, when in fact Cripus Attucks is the first General
of the first military in these United States of America.

Black children do not know a thing about Crispus Attucks; it’s not taught in the library either shamefully, how can so many black men and women call themselves educators?
Who is teaching our children?
What are they teaching our children?

I dare say, the same old very tired White History.
Oscar Micheaux would often say:
“Your self image is so powerful it unwittingly becomes your destiny.”

When a child sits in front of TV or a computer screen all he or she sees is
White people…no Native Americans, no Asians, no Arabs, no Hispanics, no Blacks,
nobody, but White folk.

What does this kind of bull shit do to the minds of children who are not White?

I do not watch TV, I really do not because I want to see some of my people on those screens too.
I happen to be a Black Apache Indian, I am part Black and part Native American and where the hell are
my people; hell, my people are here first!

I do not even own a TV…really it’s grown that disgusting and bad for me.
I select what the hell I watch, and if I don’t see any diversity I tune out.
Shit, I don’t need McDonald’s, Walmart, Mercedes Benz, Poppa Johns, American Express,
Pepsi or Coke, all of these companies need me, they need non-white dollars like a bird
needs wings.

My Apache grandmother told me when I was a small boy don’t let the White man tell you about your history….YOU. YOU, go and search yourself and learn about the great Native Peoples of this land.
The crap in school books today is half lies.

When young Black children read about the life of George Washington Carver and Crispuus Attucks
I promise you they will stand a lot taller. George Washington Carver is the most accomplished
American of the 20th century.

I have $25,000 dollars to put up to back my claim here.
Find someone more accomplished than George Washington Carver in the 20th century and I will pay you $25,000.

There is no one!

Take your children to the library and explore and discover what a magnificent history
you belong to.

God speed you hear and take action.

Charles Micheaux

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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