Adeux ( Conversation with Maya Angelou)

“When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.”
–Maya Angelou

Adeux: according to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary means: Privately or intimately with only two present. In late August of 2015 I had a private meeting in the conference room of the College Park Library with the newly appointed branch manager, Tawana Cannon.
In this adeux meeting the mask of kindness was removed and I saw the true face of a woman that has no sense of moral goodness or kind regard for others.

This discovery was made to me in conversation regarding the planning stage of my
Martin Luther King Jr. Job Fair to be held on January 15th 2016.
I explained to Ms. Tawana Cannon that I was someone deeply invested in our youth;
I told her how over the eight years that I have lived in College Park I put on over forty youth programs and I was also the past President of the Friends of The College Park Library.
I also explained that every year on January 15th I do a special program to honor Dr. King’s birth.

Last year on January 17th I put on a youth program called :
MALE JUVENILE JUSTICE EDUCATION FORUM…this program was for male youth between the ages of 12-18 and my ambition was to teach our young people how to properly behave when questioned by the police.
This was a big program for me and the financial cost was high; I bought countless boxes of pizza,
numerous bottles of soda and other snacks. I also went to see the manager of our local Walmart Store and I asked him to donate a bike; a $300.00 bike that I could give away in a free raffle drawing.
The program was a great success.

I was not telling Ms. Cannon about all this for self glory, I was telling her this so she would not confuse me with so many others who just love to hear themselves talk but are really just empty souls void of altruism.

So I expressed my plans for my Job Fair to honor Dr. King on his birthday.
I told Miss Cannon that I was thinking about giving away a laptop computer in a free raffle drawing.
Miss Tawana Cannon told me that what I was proposing was a very bad idea.
I was befuddled by her statement, and she went on to explain why I should not buy a laptop computer
as a give away prize to those attending the Job Fair to honor Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Here are her exact words to me:

“If you buy a laptop computer they are just going to take it and sell it somewhere and buy sneakers or something like that…you should just get them a $25.00 gift card at Walmart; I would not buy a laptop it would just be sold.”—Tawana Cannon

I was offended and I held onto grace and what nobility I could muster in the moment…I smiled at her, and then I gave her this reply:

“Miss Cannon, I do not have anything to do with what a person does with a gift that I have given them.
They can sell it, give it away or whatever, once I give it, it is no longer mine to make a judgement on what is done with it.”

When I walked away from my first meeting with Tawana Cannon it was quite clear to me she did not have high regard for the young people of the city of College Park.



Many years ago I attended a insightful lecture given by the amazing Maya Angelou and she told the story
of a first date gone bad. The man who was to be her date for the first night, walked into her home and lovely Maya greeted the man with grace and appreciation.
The man who had come to her home to take her out did not return the same kindness and grace that Maya had extended to him. The man upon walking in looked sternly at Maya’s dress and he told her it was a very ugly dress.

The man clearly was not to bright.
Friends… we are talking about Maya Angelou; the woman who keeps it plain, clear and truthful.
The teacher of teachers!

Maya Angelou quickly told the man he should leave and what he should have said to her was how happy he was to see her.

That night Maya Angelou told us to reject such people and this bad and graceless energy they produce
and try to spread onto others; today I think about Tawana Cannon, branch manager at the College Park Library like the man who tried to date Maya Angelou, Miss Cannon is graceless and carries a bad energy with her.

I live in College Park and I am deeply invested in our youth and today they do not have a library branch manager serving their best interest and she must be replaced by someone of noble character.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
College Park, Georgia


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