Coretta Scott King American Hero

“Keep alive the incentive to push further, that pain in the soul which drives us beyond ourselves.”
–Dag Hammarskjold

Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927 in Marion, Alabama.
Coretta Scott had excellent parents as a child growing up in Jim Crow Alabama; her father,
Obie Scott was a strong, very smart and fearless black man who taught his children to work hard
and always have big dreams.

Obie Scott was one of a very few black men who worked for himself and at one point he even bought his own saw mill. One day a white man offered to buy the saw mill from Coretta’s father Obie.
Obie Scott refused and a few days later the saw mill was set fire and burned to the ground.

Coretta and her older sister, Edythe walked everyday three miles to the shabby black school;
the only children allowed to ride the school buses were white. There was no library for the black children in Marion, Alabama.

In 1942 the family home Coretta’s mother and father had worked so hard for was set fire and burned to the ground. The white fire department refused to investigate the cause of the fire.
Coretta often dreamed about moving North where black Americans had a much better existence and more
opportunities to live in peace. The lovely young Coretta Scott dreamed also of becoming an opera singer.

In 1951 Coretta learned that she had won a six-hundred and fifty-dollar scholarship to continue her musical training to become an opera singer. Coretta Scott decided to study music at the
New England Conservatory in Boston. While in Boston Coretta Scott met Martin Luther King Jr. who was in Boston studying for his Ph.D.
Coretta and Martin King Jr. were a perfect match, both ambitious, and both dedicated to the uplifting
of the black race. On June 18th 1953 Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King Jr. were married.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has said he could have never done the hard work without the support and help of his lovely wife.

Coretta Scott King is a giant among great women of the 20th and 21st century; she continued the work of Dr. King after his death in 1968.

Coretta Scott founded THE KING CENTER in Atlanta, Georgia.
The King Center is a living memorial filled with educational programs and it’s also a world center
for social change combating racism and other social ills that are harmful to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

During the amazing life journey, Coretta Scott King devoted her life to keeping
Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive and in the end she made the world a better place for all
of humanity.

“I never thought I could save the world, but I felt that I could make some contribution,
to make things better for the people who come after me.”
—Coretta Scott King

You can watch Oscar Micheaux Films @ YouTube.


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