The Adventure of British Actor in Hollywood (Fiction)

“Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never happen.”–James Lowell

It was the night before the OSCARS and I and famed movie director Richard Hertz were on the patio
of his $28 million dollar estate. Richard and I both were up for awards; he for Best Director and I was up for Best Supporting Actor.

Richard and I are just new friends, we only became friends because of the film I’m sure; it’s a Hollywood thing.
The evening was magical; here I was in Hollywood on the cusp of great stardom.
Richard and I were drinking shots of Jack Daniels Whiskey and we were smoking some of the best
cannabis I have ever had in my life.

Frank Sinatra played in the back-round, the song was,”The Girl From Ipanema”…
Dick’s new girl friend, a super-model walked out onto the patio… she is an astonishing
Brazilian beauty. She slinks only in a skimpy pair pf pink panties. Her beauty is quite
breathe taking, it’s even inexplicable.

She walks slowly and dramatically over to Dick and slides her tongue into his ear all the while she’s looking at me.

I’m transfixed.

Slowly she removes her tongue from Dick’s ear and she is still looking only at me.
She giggled and pulled up on her panties and then she shook and made her breast jiggle.
What a tease!

I wonder if this was some American-Hollywood prank played on me?
Frank Sinatra continued to sing and the song which kept repeating was
“The Girl From Ipanema”; Dick’s girl spoke with a broken accent:

“My Richard, my darling, my only luverrr, will you make luvvv to meee tonight?
I take off my panties and I wait for you…no?
I will go to sleep if you do not come soon.”

My fast American friend smiled at me and said:

“See ya in the morning young stud.”

I thought of my boyhood chums back in London if they could see me now, they sure would have a bloody good laugh. Here I sit all alone with half a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey with no chaser.

You can watch Micheaux Films @ YouTube.


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