Atlanta Library Under Cloud Under Director Gayle Holloman

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all directly.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

The Atlanta Fulton Public Library is in urgent need of capable and trustworthy leadership.
I am sad to report Gayle Hunter Holloman has proven herself lacking in leadership or being
trustworthy. I argue Miss Gayle Hunter Holloman should not hold the noble position of director
of our library a day longer than this one, March 15th 2016.

Having written four letters over a period of two months to Miss Gayle Hunter Holloman with not a single reply is a clear sign to me of someone who does not take their high position seriously.
Is Gayle Hunter Holloman really so busy she cannot find the time to reply to a series of very
important letters?

One year ago I wrote a letter to Governor Nathan Deal to tell him I was in full support of his
Prison Reform Program. Governor Nathan Deal wrote back to me and it was a very nice letter I must say;
I have been a proponent of prison reform since 2000 when I lived in Baltimore, Maryland.
Is Director Gayle Hunter Holloman more important than Governor Nathan Deal?
How is it that Governor Nathan Deal could find the time to write back to me after a single letter and Gayle Hunter Holloman refuses to answer four letters sent to her over sixty days?

I ask my fellow citizens to e-mail Zenobia Claxton and demand that new leadership is found for our
most important institution.
Her e-mail:

I close with a verse from the Bible:

“And let us not be weary in well doing.”
–Galations 6:9

Any consideration you give this letter, I will be most grateful.

Charles Micheaux
College Park, Georgia


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