Eye Love A Good Watch

“All men by nature desire to know.”

Eye love a good watch and in fact I own about thirty watches at last count.
I got my first watch when I was only five years old; I begged my father to buy me a watch.
My dad asked me:

“Charlie, you’re only FIVE…what do you need with a watch?”

I replied:

“Father, you don’t understand!
See Batman comes on TV at 4:00 P.M. and when I’m playing with my friends I don’t have a
sense of time. Now, if you get me a watch, I will now when Batman comes on, and THEN,
and Then, I can tell my friends, (screw this) I’m going in the house to watch Batman.”

My father laughed and took me to Sears and bought me a Timex watch so I would never miss an episode
of Batman.

Since my boyhood days I have loved watches over my live time I have bought over 200 watches for friends and family and of course myself. I love a good watch, what I mean is, the watch does not have to be expensive. The watch must be attractive, feel good, well made and have a good warranty.
I have over the years learned the value of what a watch should cost.

I had dinner with a friend last night and he asked me what was the most expensive watch in the world.
I did not know and so I decided to explore and find out and doing so I also write this essay for my readers whom I have the greatest respect and appreciation.

Quick list of the world’s most expensive watches:

Hublot- Bing Bang cost a cool Five Million dollars.

Patek Philippe – Henry Graves- Pocket Watch cost Eleven Million dollars

The world’s second most expensive watch is the
Chopard 201- Carat Watch priced at Twenty-Five Million dollars.

The most expensive watch in the world is priced at THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS!
Now, when I saw this watch I began to puke all over my own watch and that’s
when I stopped writing and I said:

“This shit is crazy!”

Charles Micheaux

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.
You can purchase Oscar Micheaux films via AMAZON.COM


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