Why Actors Become Actors

“They are able because they think they are able.”
–Publius Vergil

Experiments have been made in which hungry chimpanzees were allowed to choose between eating
and looking through a suddenly uncovered opening to a room in which the movie
“King Kong” played. The chimpanzees actually preferred to watch the movie rather than eat.

Actors are creatures of curiosity too, for we have an insatiable desire to know what is happening,
what can happen and we also want to be a part of the action.
Many people believe actors only reason for becoming an actor is fame and great wealth, not true.
The great Humphrey Bogart came from a very wealthy family and yet he studied acting at
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. I have known the single reason a person decides he or she wants to be an actor is EXCITEMENT!
The constant thrill of re-birth via a character and the wonderful revolution of venue and the new perspective of mind body and soul actors are allowed access is amazing.

Actors are not born or even discovered, actors are self-made men and women who toil at their craft for many years. They are the incorrigible gypsies of the performing arts with an insatiable desire for
excitement, change and travel.

There is no profession I know of more exciting than the life of the actor.
The actor is forever engaged in the study of some subject and the possibilities
of travel physical and mental often exceed one’s wildest imagination.
Years before the birth of cyberspace the internet, actors spent most of their time in
the public library reading plays, studying geography, history, philosophy, psychology,
art and music. The actors very existence is one of exploration and discovery.

Steve Jobs put it best when he said:
“The journey is the reward.”

Thespis who first took the stage in Ancient Greece stepped out of the chorus and began to speak and hence when scholars refer to us they call us Thespians.
Finally, many years ago there was a study done on the different types of artist and it was
discovered that Actors were the smartest people among all other artist.

Actors for the most part are very well traveled, well educated, but most important they
are very exciting human beings and their light shines brighter than all the stars on the planet
earth, even when they leave us like Marilyn Monroe; for her star still shines on earth and she
still projects to us an excitement that will never leave us or pass away with time.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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