So You Want To be An Actor?

“They are able because they think they are able.”
–Publius Vergil

When I was a very young boy adults would often ask me what did I want to be when I grew up.
It was a always an easy question for me to answer that required no pause of thought.
I have always wanted to be an Actor!
My father owned a movie camera, projector, and screen and when I was just four-years old I
first saw myself on film and that wonderful experience remains the most magical and profound
experience of my life.

There are many young girls and boys today growing up that have the same insatiable desire to become actors. Too often the parents of these children have this anxiety that their children will never make a
living and fall into abject poverty. Over my life I have come to learn if our dreams and ambitions are
driven by insatiable and deep passion our life goals will always become reality.

I am reminded of the the time I met a bus driver, a man who was much older than I. and this man revealed to me that he really wanted to be an actor, but he thought he was too old and at that stage of his life he thought it would be almost impossible.
I found myself on the Hertz shuttle bus he drove at Newark International Airport and with him it was
always the same story.

I was a working actor at the time and he knew of my work in Soaps and Off-Broadway; we always talked
about acting and he would tell me again how he wished he could be an actor. One day I searched his eyes
trying to find the truth and I looked hard and deep and I saw a part of myself in him.
I promised him I would help him but he would be required to follow my instructions to the letter.
I told him he must have pictures and resume and I told him to get involved in community theater and
learn everything he could. I also helped him with audition pieces and I told him what plays he should read.

The training and instruction process went on for well over a year and then one day he landed his first role in a play. I went to see him and he was wonderful, but was more rewarding was seeing his family there full of support for him.

I recommended after the play that he begin study with Michael Moriarty ( Law & Order)
a very well known New York actor I knew and had once studied with myself.
Six months later I arranged for him to audition for the casting director over at
He gave a great audition and the casting director at ABC hired him for one of the Soaps.
He no longer drives a bus for Hertz and he is now a working New York actor.

In the final analysis, we must fight to keep our dreams alive because if we only have this
insatiable and deep purpose of will we will always find the way to make our dreams come true.

Much thanks to my dear friend, Actress, Ione Butler.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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