The Manifestation of God

“The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in Him.”
—Lamentations 3:24

God will use special events to call someone, in my own case I was doing an
Off-Broadway play, “Road to The Mountaintop” a play about the life and times
of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On the last night of the play I had the manifestation of God, I felt an incredible rebirth,
I felt as if someone plunged me deep into the Jordan River to be re-born.
I felt a surge of grace, glory and power sweep over my very soul and after this
awesome power took hold I began to weep and I could not stop; I wept for the next
four weeks after the play had ended.

Today, as I reflect back on the day, the time of my true salvation to serve the Lord,
my God, Jesus Christ, I realize that my whole life as an actor God had prepared me to be His
servant, His advocate, His shepherd here on earth. I studied very hard to be an actor, years of voice training, and training to use my body, mind and soul to tell a story with great passion and intelligence. All this training over a decade of hard work and finally get the call from God,
telling me I was finally ready to be His instrument for His people.

I left New York City and was sent to Baltimore and as soon as I arrived, God had a job for me;
I was hired as a Trainer/ Speaker for a Welfare to Work program. My new job called for me to teach
people how to be successful in speaking, interviewing and function in social situations.

Each morning at the start of my class of forty women I pulled out my Bible and I read the sermons of
Jesus and I broke them down, given the women the true substance of the narrative. I would then go on to talk about the great George Washington Carver and I told them his life story, then I challenged each woman to tell me about how difficult their life was compared to George Washington Carver, I tried to show them the reality was they really had no problem when you just take a peek at Dr. Carver’s life.

Always when I spoke of George Washington Carver my eyes would fill with tears; many years ago
I portrayed George Washington Carver in an Off-Broadway play; and since that time I have become
one of a handful of top scholar’s on his life, at any rate, this mixture of Dr. Carver and Jesus
proved most powerful in inspiring the women to keep faith in themselves and never give up.

My success in helping the women land jobs was truly amazing; 4,000 women who had been on welfare
went out with the skills I taught them and they all got good paying jobs with benefits.
In whole of that wonderful experience, there was one incident which caused me great concern and to be
honest anxiety. A woman in my class who had spent some years in prison was having great difficulty
landing a job; though her social skills were excellent and she was a very attractive young woman.

I pulled her to the side and I told her serious prayer was needed and that she and I would pray together and seek God’s help. We left the class and went down to my personal office.
I shut the door and lit a candle and I took hold of her hands and we did pray together.
I told her afterward not to give up, I did not want her to get depressed go out take some drug,
or try and kill herself. This was a very serious matter and I held her in my arms and I asked her to stay with me in prayer.

Even now, my eyes fill up with tears on the recalling of that day.
The next three days she and I prayed together and on the fourth day I awoke early and I
was shaving when God began to speak to me.

I did hear God’s voice in the spirit and God told me that this girl went to the largest
church in the city of Baltimore…God also told me that this girl’s pastor would help her this very
morning. I was to see the girl at 9:30 AM on this day and I did.

I was so happy…the young woman walked into my class humble and there was clearly a sadness in her eyes. I smiled as i put my arms around her and we began to talk. I asked her about her church and she confirmed all that God had spoken to me. She was taken a back that I knew what church she went to.

I told her God had spoken to me and he told me to tell her to go see her pastor right away.
She was stunned…she flushed… unable to speak for a while…then a smile did appear on her face.
She asked me if she should go like right now.
I said yes…go NOW…your pastor will be there waiting for you.
She ran out of the class and out the building.

I saw her a week later;

She came back to my class and told the group how she landed this great job and how everything I said was true. Later she wanted to talk with me in private; we went into my office and I closed the door.
I asked her to sit down and tell me the “GOOD NEWS” she began to tell me her story.

When she met with her pastor, he was there waiting for her and after she talked with him she learned
her pastor knew the Judge who had sentenced her to prison, in fact the Judge was a member of the same church. The pastor picked up the phone and he called the Judge and they talked for a while.
The next thing that happened is that the Judge invited her to lunch and it was a great lunch too.
The Judge made a few phone calls on her behalf and in no time this young woman had landed a great job.

The woman’s employer provided her with free breakfast, lunch and each day she made $50.00 in tips on top of a better than average salary at a very exclusive country club of the very rich.


Tell me about the POWER of God if you will.
I tell you there is none greater than the ONE who told Moses…”I AM”

Charles Micheaux
Miami, FL


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