Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” –2nd Corinthians 5:7

I am startled by a cry, it came down from the cross the first time I heard it and I went out and I searched, and I found a man in the throes of crucifixion and I said, I will take You down, and I tried to take the nails out from His feet, but He said:
“Let them be, I cannot be taken down until every man, woman and child come together to take me down.”
But I said:
“I cannot bear your cry; what can I do?”

He said:

“Go into the world and tell everyone you meet there is a Man on the cross named Jesus.”

Abba! Father! God! I stretch my hands to Thee, no other help I know, if Thou withdraw Thy Self from me wither shall I go?
I pray—in the name of Jesus, most gracious, most merciful, may the sacred heart of Jesus be glorified throughout the world now and forever more.

Peace and blessings to the readers of this testament…today, I come to share a true story about
keeping one’s faith in the Father. The Father who never let’s us down the Father who loves us beyond our wildest imaginations. The Father who’s door is always open to us no matter how many times we may fall.

Sadly, I share with you a story of a son who lost faith in his father. This is a true story of a father who loved his son and a father who never let his son down even in death the good father delivers on his promise.

One day, the boy was about to graduate from high school and the father of the boy was proud of his son.
I say again to you; this is a true story.
The father beaming with great pride in the fact his son was graduating from high school, the father told his son he was going to buy him a new car for his graduation present. On the following Saturday
the father and son went to the car dealership to purchase a car. Once at the dealership the son began walking toward the used car lot. The father called out to his son and asked him where he was going.

The son told his father he was going to pick out a car in the used car section of the dealership;
the father shook his head and told the son his promise was for a new car not a used one.
The son jumped with glee at the good news by the father and soon the boy had picked out a red
Mustang convertible; the dealership salesman walked out with the keys to the red Mustang and handed them to the boy and the boy and his father took the car for a test drive.

Before leaving the dealership the boy’s father spoke in private with the car dealership salesman.
A week later on graduation day, the boy raced out the door looking for his new car; he looked in the driveway, no new car, he looked up and down the street, no new car.
Sadly, he walked back into his father’s house and at that time his father was coming down the stirs and
in his father’s hands he held a package beautifully wrapped. The father handed the package to his son and wished him a happy graduation.

The son angry at his father took the package and violently took apart the beautiful wrapping paper.
Once the paper was on the floor the son saw the beautifully bound Holy Bible; the son grew more enraged
and he took the Holy Bible and he threw it on the floor and then marched out of his father’s house.
A couple of days later the son moved out of his father’s house all together.
The son angry, at his father never spoke with his father again sadly.
Years went by and the boy’s anger did not subside; one day the boy’s mother called him on the phone
and she informed the son that his father had just passed away.

The boy’s mother asked her son to come to his father’s out of respect for her and he did.
The son who always had the keys to his father’s house, stuck his key in the door and it opened and he walked in and the very first thing he did notice sitting on a table was the Holy Bible his father had
tried to give him years earlier. The son slowly walked over to the table and he picked up the
Holy Bible and for the first time in his life he did open the book up and he was amazed at what he saw.

There folded neatly was the check his father had written to him to purchase the car of his dreams.
The check was made out in his name and it was dated for the day of his graduation. Tears began to fall
from the son’s eyes as he realized how thoughtful was his loving father.
How tragic the son did not have faith in a father who had never lied to him.

Sisters and brothers…this book, the Holy Bible is the most powerful book ever written, in this book,
is power, wisdom, comfort and wisdom. The true believers of the gospel of Jesus walk by faith and not by sight. You cannot see the Holy Spirit, but you can feel it when it’s upon you.

Man’s picture is not God’s picture; man’s picture is false and too often broken and useless.
God’s reality is true to the end of time.

I say as a lover of the Holy Bible, God’s most magnificent gift to man I say read this book and keep your faith in a Father who always delivers LOVE, PEACE, GRACE and GLORY to the sons and daughters who seek and walk in His light.

May we all walk by faith in Him and not by sight.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing


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