Death Came the Other Day…

“God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day,
and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars too.”
–Genesis 1:16

Each time I attend a funeral I stand at the grave site transfixed; realizing all
over again how delicate and brief life can be. Too many times, I have heard the phone ring and
on the other end the weeping of a loved one, who has called me to tell me someone else That
I dearly loved has passed away.

The other day death came and I wept for myself and the departed soul whom I did not even know.
On Monday, May 2nd, I awoke late, for some strange reason I kept falling back into slumber and as a result I got a very late start to my day. Most days I am out the house much sooner, but on this day
I’m out of kilter for some very odd reason. On my way to my local coffee shop I am stopped by a fire truck, then a fireman appears and he informs me the street is closed due to a fatality; a man was
struck and killed by a large SUV gone astray.

The man who was killed is a man I’ve seen each morning for the past three months we have crossed paths
as I head to the coffee shop. The man and I always exchanged greetings of “Good Morning” but on the morning of May 2nd, I felt it a strange morning and now learning of his death it was an even stranger morning to me. I looked at the body covered by a white sheet. My eyes filled with water and I thought
to myself that could have been me. I felt the tears race down my cheek as I looked up in the sky searching for God once more and to be thankful that He has saved my life again.

I quickly realized why I was having trouble getting up Monday morning…Death was to take place and I was to have no part in it. Still I am astonished at how God works.

I am reminded of the play, Night in Samarkand, in the play there is a very gripping scene where
the servant of an estate goes into the city to buy provisions. In the play, death is portrayed
as a blonde white woman in a black trench coat.
The servant, is startled by death’s appearance in the city, the servant rushes back to the country and tells the master of the estate, “I must have the fastest horse we have.”

The master ask the servant why:


“Because I must flee!”

“Where will you flee?”


Later the same day, the master goes to the city and he see’s the blonde white woman (Death) and he says to her, “Why did you startle my servant?”

“I didn’t mean to startle him.
I was startled to see him in the city because I have a date with him tonight in Samarkand.”

Oh! God, if only the servant had prayed that morning and asked the Father for direction.
Surely the servant would have escaped death in Samarkand.

Brothers and Sisters I tell you the truth, every morning when I awake I get down on my knees
and I pray to the God who parted the Red Sea, I pray to the ONE who made the light of day and
the night, the ONE who made the stars. He protects you and me.

The man who was killed was killed by a drunk driver; the driver claimed to the state police that he was sober and the man whom he struck was waking in the middle of the street. The man also lied and said he tried to stop.

The truth is, the man he struck and killed was on the side walk and the driver never tried to stop,
there were no skid marks in the road; the driver also tried in vain to leave the scene of the crime
but strangely his SUV went into a 360 spin and then went into a ditch and the doors locked and he was unable to get out until the police arrived.

Tell me about your god!
Let me tell you about MINE!
Oh! The God, The ONE that I serve is mighty indeed, because he stopped that thug from running away after killing an innocent man. The same God kept me out of harms way on Monday, May 2nd.
When I awoke this morning I looked out my window and I heard the birds singing their sweet song,
“It’s a beautiful day” and as I prayed to God, I wept for the departed soul and I wept for me.

It is always a beautiful day when you can pray to the Father who is in heaven.


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