Dick Gregory…Something He Said…

“Do more talk less” –Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory is my HERO and he is also one of the most influential activist-entertainers in
America today. The past five decades Dick Gregory has fought for Human Rights for all people,
including the rights of Native American Indians. My grandmother, a black Apache Indian, she loved
Dick Gregory and so do I.

During the height of the civil-rights movement Dick Gregory marched along side
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. many, many times and went to jail with him too.
Dick Gregory was asked by the great Bob Marley to go with him on a world wide tour; keep in
mind this was at the very height of Bob Marley’s musical career.
Dick Gregory has run shoulder-to-shoulder along side Muhammad Ali as Ali was in
training to re-capture the boxing world championship belt again.

Recently, Dick Gregory said something that really touched me deeply in my soul;
he posted a tweet that I think on almost everyday and here’s what it said:


I found myself on my knees in prayer asking God what was it I could do more of since
I like to talk so much.

God answered:

“Boys and girls in your community, some of whom have no father, some no mother, some only have
a single grandparent to look after them. The resources of the single grandparent on
Social Security do not go far. The children have no bike for the summer; Charlie, you can change this
I want You, to start a summer bike program for these children who have no bike.

Go to your Friends and ask them to do the same.”

Many of us go out to a fancy dinner and we think nothing of spending $100.00 not counting tips.
Why not take that same $100.00 go to WALMART buy a bike and give it to a deserving child who has never
had a bike and give it freely to them to ride and enjoy the summer?

He said:


I know of a thirteen year old boy that I plan to purchase a bike for next week; I will not stop
there, I will engage all of my friends, associates and others to do the same.
My mission going forward is really very simple…talk less, do more…for my community.

Dick Gregory and his very lovely wife Lillian Gregory have been happily married for
56 years.

On a more somber note, the passing of Muhammad Ali is a loss that cannot be weighed;
he is dearly missed already.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia

You can watch Oscar Micheaux films @ YouTube.


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