Vincent van Gogh, the movie, the man, the genius

“Men at sometime are masters of their fates.” –William Shakespeare

The movie, LUST For LIFE , the story of the story of the life of Vincent van Gogh is
perhaps the finest biographical film ever made. The film stars Kirk Douglass as the tormented genius, Vincent van Gogh. The film, LUST for LIFE beautifully and sadly captures nuances and passions that can never be captured in a book. I would further say, I do not know of a more spot-on biographical portrayal.

Seeing Kirk Douglass inhabit this most fascinating and very complex man on film was and still is one of the great movie experiences of my life as an actor. I, even dare say, Marlon Brando could not have delivered a more comprehensive performance on such a difficult soul tormented. To film lovers that have failed to see this true art film, I implore you to pull out your credit card and buy this movie.

Vincent van Gogh the man:

Vincent van Gogh without doubt is the greatest Dutch artist the world has ever known.
He was born in Zundert, Holland on March 25th in 1853. In 1875 he trained for the ministry, he worked as a preacher of the gospel of Christ teaching and preaching to miners in southwestern Belgium.
The leaders of his mission at the church were aghast when they discovered Vincent van Gogh had given
away all of his possessions. His church leaders of authority expelled him from the mission for taking Christian precepts too literally.

In 1880 Vincent van Gogh taught himself to paint from copying prints and reading books.
In 1889 Vincent van Gogh committed himself to a psychiatric hospital, it was there that he painted,
perhaps his most famous painting, STARRY NIGHT.
Vincent van Gogh was an active painter for only ten years; he produced over 2,000 artworks which included over 860 oil paintings.

Today his work is present and alive in the world’s most important museums.

Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait, my favorite of all his work hangs today in the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and whenever I am in New York, I go to the museum just to wonder in amazement on the work of van Gogh.

“Self-Portait with Straw Hat” I look at this work and I am humbled that God could give a man so much talent, my eyes do always fill with moisture and always, always I try too hard not to blink,
I always fail.

Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting and that painting was to his brother.
Sadly, Vincent van Gogh killed himself on July 29th in France; he shot himself in the chest.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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