Chicago P.D. Code of Silence Anathema to Badge of Honor & Duty

“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every
community gets the kind of law enforcement it insist on.” –Robert F. Kennedy

In most cities across America on the door of police cars it reads,
sadly, this pledge of honor does not ring true in the city of Chicago.
I and countless other Black Americans continue to be deeply troubled by the
senseless killing of Laquand McDonald, seventeen-year old black male shot
sixteen times by a white Chicago police officer, named Jason Van Dyke.

Jason Van Dyke claims Laquand McDonald was out of control and menacing him with a knife, so he was forced to shoot Laquand McDonald sixteen times because he feared for his life.
It is important to note there were other Chicago police officers on the scene and not one
officer fired a single shot.
In fact, the very first police officers to arrive on the scene were waiting for someone with a taser
to subdue and arrest this troubled youth and then take him to the hospital.

Officer Jason Van Dyke arrives on the scene and immediately pulls his service weapon and
shoots Laquand McDonald sixteen times. Later in reports to internal police investigators,
the other police officers on the scene backed up the story ( the lie) of officer
Jason Van Dyke.

The code of silence, the wall before justice is reprehensible and disgusting to every decent law respecting human being. The code of silence to protect a thug cop and a liar is really beyond the pale.
Thank God for Mr. Jamie Kalven, who runs a nonprofit called, “Invisible Institute” ;
Mr. Jamie Kalven requested the Chicago Police Department release the video of Laquand McDonald’s shooting.

After a long and hard fought battle, sometime later through a Freedom of Information Act request
a judge ruled in favor of releasing the video.
Today you can see the video for yourself at YouTube; in the video we see Laquand McDonald jogging away from the Chicago police as they try to approach him. Never was Laquand McDonald a threat to
police officer Jason Van Dyke.

I mentioned early on here that the police were waiting for someone to arrive with taser to subdue the boy. Jason Van Dyke decides he will be this boy’s judge and executioner while the other police officers actually did use sound judgement in the handling of the situation.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, vigorously resisted making the video public and to add insult to injury he even
criticized the Justice Department’s investigation as misguided.
This is certainly not a mayor with the best interest of the people and even now,
Mayor Rahm Emanuel fails the citizens of the city of Chicago.
According to the Better Government Association, between 2010 and 2014 there were
seventy fatal shootings by the Chicago police, a higher number than any other city in America.
I say again, Rahm Emanuel has failed the people of Chicago.
Also, between 2004 and 2014 the city of Chicago has paid out $522 million dollars settling lawsuits
due to excessive force by the Chicago police.

Sadly, the people of Chicago continue to suffer from poor and weak leadership and a police force
unable to break the code of silence in the face of justice and honor they fail good police everywhere.

The mission of each police officer is simple:


God help the city of Chicago, no one else is.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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