“Praying Mantis…Malicious Mating Partner…Ever!

If I was to come back to earth as an insect, I would pray not to come back as a
Praying Mantis; the fate of this male insect gives hope when ever I think I’m having a bad day.
Consider a male Praying Mantis is about to get laid ( have sex) for the first time in his life and his
sex partner chews his head off.


That just gives me the wee-pee-jee-bees!
It is true, the female Praying Mantis devours her male lover during intercourse; I think the
phrase, “Vanquished by love” is appropriate here.

Praying Mantis are in fact ambush predators, their long bodies and legs are adapted for catching and gripping prey. They have triangular heads with bulging eyes, with very flexible necks, they also have what’s called stereo vision.

The upright posture often suggest a position of prayer, which led to these very exotic insects being called Praying Mantis.

If I were a male Praying Mantis, I would really, really consider being a Gay Praying Mantis.

Please don’t send me replies telling me to pull my head out of my behind…Thank You.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing


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