Civil Rights of Black Americans Still Ignored

“Philip ran to him, and heard him reading the Prophet Isaiah, and said,
“Do you understand what you are reading?”
And he said,
“How can I, unless someone guides me?”
Acts 8:30-31

Several weeks ago I began research for an article I’m writing on the four black girls killed at the
16 Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.
During my research for this article I came across another cruel and vile act that so many Black Americans suffered at the hands of a hateful white racist community in Birmingham, Alabama.
The one story that really shook me was a story of a sixteen-year old black boy, named,
Johnny Robinson who was shot in the back by a white policeman with a shotgun a day after
the church bombing that killed four young black girls.

Strangely my mind raced back to the horrible YouTube video of seventeen-year old,
Laquand McDonald of Chicago, who was shot sixteen times by a white Chicago Police Officer.
Each time I have watched this disgusting video I think of “CIVIL RIGHTS”
Surely Black Americans do not have the protection of civil rights according to
Police Unions across America.

We have too many cases to point to; from Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, or Freddie Gray, who by the way never committed a crime and was falsely arrested.

In this 21st century we continue to see that the civil rights of Black Americans don’t mean a damn thing.The Civil Rights Bill was passed into law some 52 years ago.

On June 19th 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson called the passage of his
“Civil Rights Bill” a challenge to men of goodwill in every part of the country.

“The Senate passage of the civil rights bill is a major step toward equal opportunities for all
Americans. I look forward to the day, which will not be long forthcoming, when the bill becomes law.
Perhaps most important, this bill is a renewal and a re-enforcement, a symbol and a strengthening of
that abiding commitment to human dignity and the equality of man so stated in our Constitution.”
—President Lyndon B. Johnson

The White House spokesperson stated,
“President Johnson hopes to have the bill on his desk by July 3rd at the latest so that he can sign it on the Fourth of July.”

In June of 1962 Attorney General Robert Kennedy told the Black Novelist, James Baldwin that one day he too could become president of the United States of America.
James Baldwin says he thought about it, but the thing that really exercised his mind he said,

“What I am really curious about is what kind of country I’ll be president of.”
–James Baldwin

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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