Father Can You Hear Me? (Fiction)

“Death will come, always out of season.”
–Native American Proverb

It was the second day of autumn, September 22nd, 2016 a strangely beautiful morning.
Atop his 2017 Mercedes-Maybach there lay what appeared what looked like a hand sized
ball of ruffled silk flowers. Upon further inspection he wondered how the black, purple and blue bird
came to land in death upon the hood of his new car.

Quickly he removed a towel from the trunk of the car and wrapped the exotic dead bird in it and carefully placed the dead creature into a trash can by the rear gate of his garage.
He was profoundly intrigued by the dead bird, for he felt there was some definite , yet inexplicable reason for the bird’s final resting place on earth and that place was in his garage on his car.
He knew nevertheless, the bird was a harbinger to foreshadow unfavorable events that would soon unfold.

What he did not know was someone was going to die in his home and the experience would be one he would be the sole witness to. The unfolding trauma would be forever seared into his memory like no other.

He arrived at his office at 200 Park Ave, New York, N.Y. at 10:45 a.m. he, being the Baseball Commissioner for Major League Teams. His first call of the day was to his realtor.

“Hey Amy, would you get Claire Henning on the phone?

… … …

Good morning Claire… and how are you this fine morning?

Say, Claire, I want to put my estate on the market…yeah, well Kelly and I are thinking of just moving into Manhattan.

Kelly and I both have an hour’s ride one way… and on a bad day the train from Greenwich to Manhattan can take two hours.

Well, I want $12,900,000

Claire, this is a waterfront estate with 8 bedrooms, 7 full baths, interior space of 8,925 feet and approximately 1.60 acres.

I will absolutely not accept anything below my asking price.

…. …. ….

I don’t give a damn that the market sucks right now… my selling price is $12,900,000…
Claire, hold on a minute, I have a call coming in from my son Gordy, hold on…

Amy… put Gordy through…

Gordy, where are you?
How many men are there?
Where are you right now?

O.K. listen to me… now take a deep breathe and let the air out slowly… can you do that for me?
Now, take your shoes off, slowly… now, I need you to quietly, very quietly Gordy make your way to my bedroom and hide there in my clothes closet… Gordy, hold on a minute son, I need to get Amy to call the police there… hold on…

AMY! AMY! I need you to call the chief of police… tell him someone has broken into my estate at
MEAD Point Waterfront… tell the chief to hurry, my BOY Gordy is in the house all by himself!

Yeah Gordy, Daddy’s still here… did you make it to the closet yet?
… … …

Now, you need to find daddy’s gun.
Look next to my travel bag and you will see a shoe box with a picture of a horse on it…open the box and you will find my pistol. Gordy I need you to do exactly as I say.
Now take the gun out the box.

O.K. good.

Now, Gordy, the man in our home will try to kill you if if can, but we are not going to let that happen, we can’t let that happen, so… we need to shoot him if he comes into the closet where you are.

Now, should the person open the closet door I need you to pull the trigger as many times as you can.
Can you do that for daddy?


Gordy, hold on…

Amy! How long before the police will get to Gordy?
16 minutes! Are you fucking kidding me?
Got damn it!
This is absurd! I assure you the mayor is going to hear from me…
Gordy, yes son, daddy’s still here…


He’s in the room?

O.K. Gordy get ready…

Now, remember… shoot him as many times as you can.

O.K. Gordy it’s up to you now son…
take a deep breathe…

(Gun shots ring out in rapid succession.)

GORDY! GORDY! Talk to me son.


PLEASE! PLEASE! Say something son.


God help me!
Gordy! Come on son speak to daddy!

Gordy Parks Jr.:

“FATHER! I can’t hear you.
My ears they won’t stop ringing…
FATHER can you hear me?”




Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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