Kama Sutra in Paris (Fiction)

“The only abnormality is the incapacity to love.”
–Anais Nin


I’m in love with her.
I am so profoundly in love.
The more I examine my own mind, the more clearly I discover I am engulfed in the memory of the first night, that first night I met her in Paris.
I was contracted, my company was contracted by the French government to destroy a terrorist group in what was once called French-Africa.

For twenty-years I have worked in various hot spots around the globe, I am a Soldier-of-Fortune, or mercenary if you prefer. My trade is one of death, carnage and destruction. The insatiable desire for battle, explosions, the gape mouth corpse at my feet, the jeep riddled with bullets and turned to one side in flame set by me and my men. The stench of death intermingled with the sweet smell of victory
always provided me with satisfaction and a sense of purpose. This twisted love for battlefield violence was taken from me, no, it was actually stolen from me the moment I laid eyes on her, an Emerald eyed beauty with lush red hair and a razor sharp mind captured me completely.

The day I met her, I’d gone soft, I became a gentleman for the very first time in my life and the feeling was euphoric beyond my wildest imagination.

Today, I look down at my hands, hands that have shed so much blood, hands that have choked the life out of men. These hands have pulled the trigger and sent bullets flying into the hearts of men closing their eyes forever and making their wives without husband. Now, these hands of mine have been tempered and tamed by her. I look to my wedding band she placed on my finger.

The more I examine my own mind, I know, a man who has no ultimate concern has no capacity to love.
I am so profoundly in love with her. I recall the first time we met, it was in Paris at a cocktail party at the home of Monsieur Pierre Argoud, we were in the drawing room of the Chateau when she walked in.

Pierre Argoud:
“Ah yes! Claire, darling please… do come in and join us…
Col. Dick Harris, let me introduce you to the most lovely woman in all of Paris,
Mademmoisselle Claire Bouvier.”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Enchante”.(nice to meet you.)

Pierre Argoud:
“Col. Harris, please forgive me, but I must attend to a most urgent matter right away.
Claire, dear, would you be a dear and keep Col. Harris company while I am away?”

Claire Bouvier:
“Why of course Pierre!
It would be my pleasure to entertain Col. Harris.”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Monsieur Argoud tells me you are one of the owners of The Paris Times.”

Claire Bouvier:
“Yes, that is true, my father, Charles Bouvier and my uncle Peter started the paper when I was just two. Col.Harris must we be so formal?
Please call me Claire.”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Your father Charles, what does he do now?”

Claire Bouvier:
“He spends most of his time chasing pretty girls looking under their dress trying to find…

(Col. Dick Harris smiles)

You have a nice smile Col. Harris.”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Thank you, Claire.”

Claire Bouvier:
“So, Col. Harris, now that I have you all to myself, I want to know…about you, I really want to know who you really are…

You fascinate me.”

Col. Dick Harris:
” Please, call me Dick.
Now, I’m intrigued, why do I fascinate you?”

Claire Bouvier:
“Soldiers-of-Fortune, men like you must be highly disciplined to survive and do what you are able to do year after year.

Do you ever fear death? Is death in fact a man’s greatest fear?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“I would never try to speak for everyman, because we all think differently.
I can only speak for myself.
I think, the, the greatest fear is being destroyed in your soul, when your spirit to live and hope is gone, this to me is far worse than physical death.”

Claire Bouvier:
“How so, please explain this to me?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Let’s see, hmmmmmmmm…how do I explain this…O.K.
a man has lost his entire family in a home fire, now often times this will destroy the man
emotionally and spiritually, his perspective, his psyche is now all fucked up.
So now he will almost always find physical death inconsequential because he was destroyed over the loss of his family.”

Claire Bouvier:
“To my next question,
can a man love who has no ultimate concern?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“I must say Claire, your questions pack a big punch; I’m curious at your line of questioning.”

Claire Bouvier:
” Since I have you all to myself I’m trying to understand the mind set of a mercenary, a very wealthy mercenary and yet you continue to live this most precarious and very dangerous life. I do not understand why you continue to put yourself in harm’s way when you do not need the money.
Please explain why you still work as a soldier for hire.”

Col. Dick Harris:
“How old are you?”

Claire Bouvier:
“I’m 37 and you, Dick, how old are you?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“I’m 56.”

Claire Bouvier:
“Are you married?”

Col. Dick Harris:

Claire Bouvier:
“Have you ever been married?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“Please, let’s talk about something else, shall we?”

Claire Bouvier:
“Dick, do you know who you remind me of?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“No. Please tell me, who do I remind you of?”

Claire Bouvier:
“You remind me of Seal, the pop star; I saw him here in concert in Paris just two weeks ago.
You have the same build and both of you have the most beautiful smile.
No one has ever told you, you look just like Seal?

Col. Dick Harris:
” I want to ask you a question.
If you were stranded on an Island with me and it was just the two of us and you were allowed to have just three books to read, what three books would you select to have?”

Claire Bouvier:
“Hmmmmmmm… that is a very interesting question…let’s see now, hmmmmm… I guess, I would start with, uhhh, why yes! I know.

1.) The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank

2.) The World’s Greatest Love Letters by Michael Kelaham

3.) The Diary of Anais Nin by Anais Nin

So, Dick, I must admit each time I call you dick I want to giggle…so DICK, tell me what does my selection of books tell you about me?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“You are a romantic, but you are a tough romantic.
Anais Nin gives you away, she was a very strong women who knew how to deal with men, very powerful men I might add.”

Claire Bouvier:
“Do I scare you? No, no, no, I did not mean to use the word scare, let’s see, let me put it this way… do I make you uncomfortable?”

Col. Dick Harris:
No, as a matter of fact you make me feel warm and soft.
Your beauty is most inviting .”

Claire Bouvier:
“Inviting, how so, do you find me sexy?
Would you like to hold me and kiss me right now?”

Col. Dick Harris:
“As a matter of fact I do want to kiss you.”

Claire Bouvier:
“Well, I’m here…would you like to French kiss?”
(she giggles)

I remember I was stunned, transfixed, I could not move for she caught me off guard but the challenge would not go unchecked.
Her Emerald green eyes sparkled and her face was now absent of her lovely smile, she looked at me with serious eyes, her fist balled and by her side, she stood erect like a soldier standing at attention waiting for the next command.

I set my drink down slowly, my erection grew too quick, I stood in front of her and put my lips to her lips then I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth.I held her tight in my arms and I could feel her round soft breasts as she raised her arms to put around my neck. We French kissed and sucked on each others tongue.

Slowly, I pulled my tongue from her sweet mouth, gingerly I turned her body around then I ordered her in a commanding tone of voice to pick up her dress, she obeyed my command.
I am no longer that beast on the battle field, but now I am her gentleman and I’m so deeply in love with her that I obey all of her commands.

On my birthday, Claire bought me a wonderful book which I am reading now in fact, it’s called:

by Erich Fromm

The author argues that true love involves four basic elements:

1.) Care

2.) Responsibility

3.) Respect

4.) Knowledge

The writer concludes that love is hard work but it is also the most rewarding and I agree.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing


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