“Who can exhaust a man? Who knows a man’s resources?”
–Jean-Paul Sartre

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Summer 2016

The tarantula quietly made it’s was toward Sara Franklin who sat in the Ford F-150 next to her mom.
Kathy Franklin’s eyes grew wide and fearful upon the Tarantula as the creepy eight legged spider moved even closer to her daughter.

Sara’s mother Kathy, lifted her pocket book up, then slammed it down violently smashing the spider into pulp, the sort of pulp one might see of a smashed Tomato.

Kathy quickly pulled the truck over to the side of the road and with an paper towel she wiped up the remains of the dead spider.

“Now girls, mother will be right back. Stay in the truck, I won’t be long.”

Kathy Franklin ran inside McDonald’s and as she made her way into the restaurant a man rushed past her brushing up against her breast; she turned to look back at this man and what she saw she could not believe. Kathy watched in utter shock as the man who only a moment before brushed up on her breast was now behind the wheel of her truck driving away with her daughters.

Kathy Franklin was transfixed, stunned, frozen in time at what just happened in less than 30 seconds her whole life had been turned upside down. The sheer terror she felt was so strong her mind repudiated that it had really happened. She tried in vain to process a clear thought on what to do next, her mind was blank from shock.

Slowly, Kathy made her way outside the restaurant and there she stood at an incredulous sight; the empty parking space where her truck sat just two minutes ago. She put her hands to her head, the palms of her hands to both ears and she began to scream at the top of her lungs.

“MY HUSBAND! I NEED MY HUSBAND!. I need to call my husband! Someone, please help me!
I’ve got to call my husband…that man…he stole my truck and took away my two daughters!
Oh GOD! Someone, please I need to call my husband! SIR. Sir, may I, May I please, please, use your phone?
I’ve got to call my husband MACK.”

Kathy Franklin’s cell phone was inside the truck in her pocket book.
A white haired gentleman walked over to Kathy and gave her his phone to call her husband,
Col. Mack Franklin, U.S. Army, Delta Company.

Kathy Franklin:
“MACK! Someone…someone, has just taken our daughters away from us!”

Col.Mack Franklin:
“Kathy! What in the world are you talking about?
WHO! Who are you talking about? Who has our daughter?”

Kathy Franklin:
“Mack, I went into McDonald’s and a MAN, he was a White-Hispanic man and he jumped into our truck with Sara and Sally and he, he, he, just drove off!
Oh Mack, I’m so sorry, I left the girls in the truck alone.
It’s all my fault!
I feel so guilty.
Mack, I’m so afraid, Mack. Please, please, Mack you have to get our daughters back… Mack,
please, get Sara and Sally…please find our daughters!”

Col.Mack Franklin:
“KATHY!. Listen to me.
I have to get off the phone for a minute, I need to get some helicopters in the air and start a search.
Now, I ‘ll call you back in five minutes at this number. I need to make some calls now…hey babe,
I need you, I need you to keep it together…can you do that for me babe?
I promise you… we will get our daughters back, and it will be today.
I got to go now.
Don’t leave me.
Stay with me… can you do that babe?
Gotta go now.”

…. … … …. ….

…. … …. ….. ….

Fort Bragg
Office of Col. Mack Franklin
Delta Company, U.S. Special Forces

Col.Mack Franklin:
“This is Col. Mack Franklin, let me speak with Superintendent Norm Wheeler…
hello Norm, this is Col. Mack Franklin over at Fort Bragg.
Hey Norm I need your urgent help. My two daughters have been abducted just now, not even ten minutes ago.
My wife Kathy she pulled into McDonald’s at Spring Lake on Bragg Blvd.
I need an Amber Alert and I need it now.
Here’s what I have…are you ready to broadcast… I’ll hold…



LAST SEEN- 11:30 A.M.


RED- FORD- F-150

O.K. Norm, I need birds in the sky with long rifle sharp shooter.

Hey Norm, hold on a moment, my wife, Kathy is trying to reach me on the other line, stay on…

KATHY! What’s going on?

Listen babe, I’m on the phone now with the State Police, let me call you back… yeah, I’m coming to get you now. Just try and stay calm, I ‘ll be there to get you as soon as I get off the phone.
I love you, now, honey please, let me finish this call.

Norm, my wife is taking this real bad; Norm, I want this prick DEAD.
When long rifle targets this “dirt bag” I want your man to put a bullet in his head and what’s left of this piece of shit I want splattered along the sidewalk.
You nail this S.O.B for me.


Who’s your best sniper?”




Sara and Sally Franklin safely returned home to parents.
In other news Donald Trump says if elected president he will give Black Americans
Five Trillion dollars if they would all go back to Africa.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing


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