South Carolina…God Damn!!!

“We’ve got some difficult days ahead.”
–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The great novelist and activist, James Baldwin once said,
“The BLUES does not refer to music; it does refer to the experience of life, and the state of being.
The BLUES are about work, love, death and lynchings.”

Today, I have a serious case of the BLUES.
The title of this essay exactly captures my deep feelings about the state of South Carolina.
Years ago when I was a soldier in the United States Navy I had my own god-awful experience in the racist state of South Carolina. I had just bought a new car, it was an orange Volvo; I had taken 30 days leave from my command and I decided I would drive from Jacksonville, Florida to West Orange , New Jersey to see my mother. Having been on the road for many, many hours I decided to spend the night in
South Carolina. I pulled into the parking lot of a hotel that flashed a big orange VACANCY sign.
I was in my military uniform (Dress Whites) and at the time I had two medals perched on my chest.
I walked in and was immediately met with a frown from the frail white man at the desk.
I told the man I wanted a room for the night and the man quickly informed me he had no rooms available.
I looked at my watch and it was 12:20 am I walked out and as I stood and surveyed the parking lot I took note there were only six cars in the parking lot.
I drove that night to five other White Hotels and all had VACANCY signs out front, but once they saw me they all told me they had no rooms available. I pulled over into a 24 hour truck stop and rest my head to the steering wheel of my car and I said, SOUTH CAROLINA…GOD DAMN!

Tuesday, December 6th 2016 I read in The New York Times:
“Mistrial Declared for South Carolina Officer Who Killed Unarmed Black Man”
I honestly had to read this story a few times before my mind could process the mental sickness that so engulfs the state of South Carolina.

On April 4th 2015, white police officer Michael Thomas Slager shot unarmed black man,Walter Scott in the back eight times! A man by the name of Feidin Santana recorded the killing on his cell phone as he walked to work. In this horrible video recording we see the white racist cop, Michael Thomas Slager calmly walk over to the dead body of Walter Scott and then we him drop his taser next to the body, the dead body of the man he just brutally killed.



White America ATTENTION!

Without the recorded video provided by Feidin Santana the thug racist cop walks away Scott free.
Sadly, 11 jurors in South Carolina could not get past their true legacy of lying and racism to find this scoundrel cop guilty of a brutal murder. I hasten to add there was only one black person on the jury in this case.

South Carolina’s legacy of hate, murder is still quite strong in the 21st century.
South Carolina is the same state where Dylann Roof a white racist thug who walked into Emanuel AME Church on June 17th 2015 and killed nine unarmed black Americans as they worshiped.
Today, December 7th 2016 the trial begins for Dylann Roof, he is a white boy only 22 years old and I wonder what do the white folks in South Carolina teach their children?
No other race in South Carolina teaches their children to hate and kill, no other race in South Carolina has the deep and very twisted ideas of hate in mind and heart for other who happen to be non-white.

The world looks at South Carolina and simply says,

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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