MLK: Who’s teaching our children about Dr. King?

“Memories of our lives , of our works and our deeds will continue in others.” –Rosa Parks

On April 3rd 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to us for the last time; he warned us:
“We’ve got some difficult days ahead.”
Well, my friends, those days are here.
All across America there is discontent and people are on edge for we all fear there will be many dark and nasty days ahead.

Last night while listening to my community radio (WRFG) station the talk of the hour was on the new president elect. Each caller was deeply concerned on the direction of our country. One caller, a Black woman asked: “What can we do?”
That is a question I hear from countless black people all over the nation. I immediately thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I can hear his voice: “We’ve got some difficult days ahead.”
I thought deeply:

What would Dr. King do today?
Yes, yes, he would pray.
Yes, yes, he would unite US; black & white.
Yes, yes, he would educate US.
Yes, yes, he would sacrifice, he would embody selflessness and give his life all over again that we might be free from racism and it’s cancer of hate and intolerance.
I remember in that last speech Dr. King told us:

Lord have mercy, who is teaching our children?
Who is teaching our children about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Our schools have failed us.
Our Libraries have failed us.
Our political leaders have failed us.
Need I even talk about the many bad preachers?

All over this nation we are like sheep, some wait for CNN to tell them about Dr.King in a eight minute clip.
How shameful we have become to wait on some others to tell OUR children about our greatest Hero. Yes, how shameful and disgusting we are becoming. Our children know NOTHING of Dr. King and his great contribution to the uplift of all our lives.

Here in my own beloved city of Atlanta, I know in my heart WE can do better! We must do better! We must educate OUR children and teach them of their true history; sadly even many citizens of Atlanta have never even visited THE KING CENTER.
I tell you the truth, people come from all over the world to visit
THE KING CENTER and they are inspired to the core to go back to their respective country and try as best they can to make life better for their community and their country.

My proposition today is here in Atlanta every school child should experience THE KING CENTER and have a sense of who and what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived and died for; he died for them, so that they could someday walk into Burger King, Vote, become president even of the United States of America.

Sadly, our schools are failing to instill in the minds of our youth the greatness of our beloved Martin Luther King Jr. hence, it is up to each of us to change this sad and sorry state of affairs.
We must as parents and good citizens make it our mission to educate our children on their true history and our Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I pray with my whole heart that we realize our children are only reflections of who we are.

Do we really care about our community?
Do we really care about our children?
Do we really honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
Should we rely on others to tell us about our history?
Should we stop being so damn selfish and reach back and help those who need a lift?

We really do have some very difficult days ahead, but, there is a God who rules above.

On April 4th 1969 Senator Edward Kennedy spoke in Memphis on the year anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination.

“For some this is a day of sorrow, for some this is a an occassion for fear,to me this is a day of hope and if the lives of Dr. King and Medgar Evers, and those four little girls in the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church had any meaning we should use our power, not to create conditions of oppression that lead to violence, but conditions of hope that lead to peace.”
–Senator Edward Kennedy

Finally, I leave with you the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

“If we can help somebody as we pass along, if we can cheer somebody in this life, if we can show somebody that he’s traveling wrong, then our lives shall not be in vain.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


He logged in over six million travel miles.
There are over 1,000 streets in America named after him.
Martin Luther King Jr. went to jail over thirty times so blacks and other non whites could have the right to Vote.

On his wedding night he and his new bride had to spend their wedding night at a funeral home because no white hotel would rent them a room for the night.

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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