MLK’s I Have A Dream Speech Valued at $ 3.5 Million Dollars

“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.”
–Anais Nin

Martin Luther King Jr.’s I HAVE A DREAM speech is the most important seventeen minute speech in all of American history. On August 28th 1963 a young black 26-year old basketball ball star named
George Raveling was fortunate enough to be standing near where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had just given his most important speech.
At the end of the speech, young George Raveling was so moved by Dr. King’s eloquence that he mustered up the courage to walk over to Dr. King and ask him if he might have a copy of the speech.
Martin Luther King Jr. smiled at George Raveling and then astonishingly he handed the original speech over to George Raveling.

Four years ago, George Raveling was offered $3.5 million dollars for the speech.
George Raveling turned down the offer of close to four million dollars and he went on to explain why he chose to hold onto the speech.

“I would like to think somewhere out there, my mom and dad and grandma taught me better than that.
And there are somethings you can’t equate in money.” –George Raveling

George Henry Raveling is Nike’s Global Basketball Sports Marketing Director.
He is 79 years old.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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