Pit Bulls Menace to Society; Poor Children continue to be Ravaged!

“There is no education like adversity.” –Benjamin Disraeli

Pit Bulls continue to wreak havoc on the most innocent among us; our children.
When does this madness stop?
Why, why should we (society) allow another child from a poor community to be mauled and killed by these most wretched and vile dogs called Pit Bulls? Tuesday, January 17, 2017 in my beloved city of Atlanta,
two small school children were attacked by three Pit Bulls.

Young Logan Braatz only six-years old was killed by a Pit Bull in front of his mother.
The other child, five-year old Syari Sanders is in stable condition after multiple surgeries.
Today I am outraged and in my soul the Damn has been broken in light of this most recent horror that should not ever have happened.

What does this very horrible crime say about us as a society?
What does this senseless act of destruction say about our community?
All the good preachers, and good newspaper people, and good teachers and good educators need to come together and with one loud voice say ENOUGH!
Pit Bulls have got to go!
When our children cannot walk to school safely it’s a major problem that we must eradicate in short order.

On the very heels of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, two small innocent children;
one black child and one white child are walking together to go to the same school.
This is the vision of Dr. King’s dream and yet, we fail our children in the very worst way.
How is it that we can allow such violent and unpredictable animals to roam freely on the very streets our children must travel?
I call for an all out ban on Pit Bulls.

The history of these wretched dogs should not give us pause in thought, but rather make us act in very short order to put up laws that will protect our children and our senior citizens from these violent dogs. In the United Kingdom Pit Bulls were first used in blood sports; these sports were banned by
British lawmakers in 1835. In America Pit Bulls were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs to hunt and drive livestock.

The Pit Bull’s genetic traits are not in dispute; many appellate courts agree that Pit Bulls pose a great danger to society.The genetic traits found by the courts on Pit Bull’s include:
unpredictability of aggression, tenacity or and the refusal to give up a fight. A pit Bull kills an American every 17 days; of these deaths 51% involve a family member of the household of the Pit Bull.
On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 in Texas a man awoke only to find his son on the floor of his bedroom dead and next to the boy’s body there stood…a Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls have to go if we care about our children, if we care about our families and our communities;
calling 911 and the police after the fact is no longer an option.
Understand should a Pit Bull grab your child the dog will not let go until the animal kills the child.
The only way to remove the Pit Bull from your child is to kill the dog, sadly.
Why should we accept this option when clearly we don’t have to?

Ban Pit Bulls from OUR community!

In yesterday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution on the front page of the paper there sat the Pit Bull it’s chest drenched in the innocent blood of six-year old Logan Braaz.
The dog, this wretched dog returned home to it’s very ignorant and wretched owner, Cameron Tucker.

The great philosopher Benjamin Disraleli shared the following truth which we must heed today:

“There is no education like adversity.”

We must at the end of the day protect what is most dear (Our Children) at any and all cost.

The Pit Bull owner, Cameron Tucker has been charged with two counts of reckless conduct and
involuntary manslaughter.

Charles Micheaux
Micheau Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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