# Atlanta : Pit Bulls, truth of their infamous legacy

“There is no education like adversity.” –Benjamin Disraeli

The infamous origin of the Pit Bull should give us strong pause and deep concern.
Today, we continue to have a very serious Pit Bull problem here in the city of Atlanta.
The breeding of Pit Bulls first began in the United Kingdom (England) in the early 1800’s.
Pit Bulls were bred specifically for “Blood Sport”, dog fighting to the death.
In 1835 British lawmakers banned Pit Bull dog fighting, later in America Pit Bulls were used as catch dogs for wild cattle and hogs to hunt and catch. The Pit Bull genetic traits have never ever been in dispute; most appellate courts have found Pit Bulls pose a serious threat to society.

The genetic traits found by the courts include:
Unpredictability of aggression, tenacity and the absolute refusal to give up a fight or unlock it’s powerful jaw once it has lock on the a person or other animal.
A Pit Bull kills an American every 17 days; of these deaths 51% involve a family member of the Pit Bull household.

The consternation I and many others continue to feel over the inertia of the Fulton County Animal Control is nothing short of extreme disgust and anger. A mother has to bury her six-year old son; why?
What measures have been put in place to ensure Atlanta children are safe going back and forth to school?
It is not good enough for anyone to simply say “I’m sorry for your loss.”
The fact that Pit Bulls continue to roam our streets freely does not bode well for any of us.
I will continue to express my extreme contempt for Fulton County Animal Control.

We must stop whatever is we are doing and the first and most important thing in our community is our children. We must protect our children, we must protect our seniors, we must protect our families.
What happened to six-year old Logan Braaz and five-year old Syari Sanders is nothing short of

When do we stop and take stock of the sorry state of affairs we find our children and ourselves.
I pray with my whole heart that no mother will have to face the excruciating horror that Logan Braaz mother faced and still suffers.

–Job 1:16

Charles Micheaux
Atlanta, Georgia


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