Africa, Europeans & Black Americans History

“History is only a record of crimes and misfortunes.”
–Francois Arouet ( French Philosopher)

Europeans did not initially go to Africa to capture slaves.
They first came to Africa in search of food and other natural materials and resources.
Europeans first ambition when they arrived on the shores of Africa had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with trade and new food and material. During the latter part of the fifteen century European nationalism was reflected in the expansion of trade with Africans. As the Europeans shipbuilding skills improved they began to expand beyond their homeland and into Africa.

In Africa they found great new raw materials and a labor force beyond their wildest dreams.
The truth of the matter is that the labor and raw materials of Africa financed the European Industrial Revolution. The welcoming Africans made the grave mistake of completely trusting the European traders; even to the extent to which the Africans asked the Europeans to settle some of their family disputes.
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
–President Abraham Lincoln

In light of the discovery of the New World ( America) a new era in human relations between Europeans and Africans was set into motion; slavery. Slavery of Africans quickly transformed a trade working relationship into a an institution of human chattel. The Europeans wished to forget the wonderful trading experience they once shared with Africa and Africans; with the opening up of the New World
(America) two competitive slave systems were set into place and each system served as some form of racism. A plantation owner in the United States would often purchase twenty slaves and resell ten before the end of the week. The reason for this was to break up the cultural continuity, break up their language and all those important things that keep a people together. This family dislocation was so profound, that Black Americans today living in America even now in the 21st century have not recovered from family and heritage dislocation. The Black American / African American experience is like no other experience in America.

The first Africans were brought to an English colony in Jamestown, Va. in 1619.
The 13th Amendment was signed into federal law abolishing slavery in America the year was 1865.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia

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