Madame Ho’s Nail Salon ( Fiction)

“Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I’m tired.”
–Mae West
(Hollywood Hoe)

I hate people who gossip!
I really do, because far too often they get the story all wrong.
I am a security expert and I was recently hired to install a security system at a very popular
nail salon called, Madame Ho’s Nails.

Today I actually have a new perspective on the wickedness of hoes.
The scheming, plotting and deft execution of hoes is really mind blowing.
Sit in my chair now and listen and watch how sinister these hoes can be.

I will now let the recording for this hour be for your eyes and ears too.

Madame Ho:
How are you today? What color nail you like?

Young Hoe:
It’s all good, old Hoe…I think I will go with pink…you like my new diamond ring?

Madame Ho:
It is beautiful!

Young Hoe:
He didn’t even have a clue!

Madame Ho:
No. How you get ring?

Young Hoe:
I told him he was my daddy… I gave him some good stuff and I wiggled it like only a hoe can.
It’s amazing to me…the game is so simple; a little head, some good pussy let go and wham,pow!
Young hoe has a nine-thousand dollar engagement ring on her finger.
What do men think about when the truck is being backed up their nose pushing their brains out the way?

Madame Ho:
Tell me how you get ring?

Young Hoe:
I told Jamal, I wanted to look at some ear rings.
Once inside the jewelry store I quickly shifted my attention to the diamond rings.
I put my hand on the lower back of Jamal and I rubbed him softly reminding him ever so gently he’s my sugar daddy.
The jeweler was in on this deal for I had gone in to see him a few times and I turned him on to the game. I even did a dry run with my fagot friend named Jordan.

Madame Ho:
And your ambition for the ring was what?

Young Hoe:
It’s always MONEY. I don’t need no nine-thousand dollar ring; this is just an investment.
When I get tired of Jamal I’ll sell the ring and get the cash. It’s always about the cash for a hoe.

Madame Ho:
That’s right young hoe.

Young Hoe:
Excuse me old hoe, I have to take this call…
Hello DADDY, yes, suga, I’m getting my hails done right now.
Let me call you when I’m done.
Everybody like my ring.

Madame Ho:
I see you in two weeks… yes, pink looks good with you new ring.

The phone rings…

Hello, this Madame Ho…
No. You look for Mr. Hung.
He work next door.
Yes. he next door, he sell weaves.

No, I’m not Mrs. Hung, I Madame Ho.
Yes. I do nails for Hoes.

Yes, yes, I am Madame Hoe, no problem.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia

You can watch Oscar Micheaux Films @ YouTube


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