Dr. Buzzard: Witch Doctor Extraordinaire!

“Men love to wonder and that is the seed of our science.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

The first time I ever heard the name Dr. Buzzard I was a teenager working in heavy building construction and the man I was partnered with was a rogue of sorts. All this man talked about for seven hours straight was pussy and weed.
One day he was quiet like a mouse and he had a strange look in his eye and he seemed deeply troubled.
I asked him what was the matter and he told me he almost killed a bitch last night.
His eyes were moist and he shook his head in despair.

“The bitch tried to off me in my own apartment! Man, I gotta leave them crack-hoes alone… you can’t trust them bitches. They get that shit in them and they is just crazy! Bitch tried to hit me with a lamp over the head.
I pulled out my pistol and I tole the bitch to leave and never come back. I paid the hoe for some pussy and she come back thirty minutes later wanting more money.”

I remained silent.
He continued to speak…

“I done killed before… that bitch just don’t know…
You ain’t gonna believe this young blood, but I killed me a cracker some years back.

My mouth fell open.
He continued…

“I was sitting at the bar and this white chick, bartender, she kept flirting with me and a white boy sitting next to me he got mad and the cracker hauled off and smacked me across the face calling me a nigger. I pulled my German Lugar pistol and I filled that bastard full of holes. They hauled my ass off to jail and my momma she went to see
Dr. Buzzard.”

His story had me on edge and this was the very first time I had ever heard the name Dr. Buzzard.
Dr. Buzzard is perhaps the most famous African-American Witch Doctor of the 20th century in America,
His real name, excuse me, his birth name was Stephen Robinson and he was born on June 5th 1860 in St. Helena Island,
South Carolina.
No witch doctor or voodoo priest has held captive the imaginations of society and even several generations like Dr. Buzzard. It is said Dr. Buzzard was a millionaire and he lived on 20 acres of land.
People traveled from all parts of America to see him.
During World War II Dr. Buzzard sold arsenic laced potions to wealthy-healthy white boys seeking to evade enlistment during the second world war. The potions Dr. Buzzard sold them would make their heartbeats flutter long enough for them to fail physical exams which excused them from military service.

Dr. Buzzard was almost always found sitting up at the county courthouse.
He sat in on trials, chewing root, his penetrating blue eyes always hidden behind purple eye glasses.
The reason he wore purple sun glasses was to prevent people from looking into his eyes.

Dr. Buzzard claimed he could change the outcome of a trial; he often used a certain powder which he sprinkled on desks, tables, chairs throughout the courtroom. The cases of which Dr. Buzzard was involved always proved outlandish.

My construction partner who claimed to have killed the white man continued his story to me…

” My momma, she went to see Dr. Buzzard and Dr. Buzzard he came into court and as the judge was about to sentence me,
Dr. Buzzard let loose a black crow in the courtroom and the crow flew onto my shoulder and began to squawk.
The judge began to cough uncontrollably and when the judge stopped coughing I was given eighteen months for killing that white boy.”

I really did not know whether to believe this story or not, so I went to my father and I asked him asked him if he had ever heard of this Dr. Buzzard.
My father fell back in his chair and he looked up at the ceiling and then a sly smile came to his face.
I told my father the story that had just been told to me. My father knew quite alot about Dr. Buzzard as a matter of fact my Native American grandmother she personally knew Dr. Buzzard.
I have since read countless stories on the events that actually took place during his life.

In 2017 when one seeks to explore the magical, mystical art of witchcraft and voodooism in America one must pass the crossroad Stephen Robinson Aka Dr. Buzzard Witch Doctor Extraordinaire

Dr. Buzzard died on May 5th 1947.

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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