Who can forget Thurgood’s trip to the corner store in the movie, Half Baked?
Neighborhood corner stores in the black community are predominantly owned by non-black people.
In the movie, Half Baked Thurgood referred to the corner store as a BODEGAS.
Say it with me now… BO-DE-GAS.
Things you may find in a BODEGAS include, weed Paraphenalia, Ginseng root, Meth, untaxed tobacco and unlicensed Snapbacks.
Hell! Billy found Gizmo in a BODEGAS.
The novelty of a Bodegas is you never know what you will come across.
Foreigners come into our communities selling us old products, and the black community continues to support them.
Foreigners treat black customers like outsiders. In the 1920’s Chinese immigrants realized that selling American goods was lucrative. Koreans have the strongest foothold with nail salons and synthetic hair products.
The black community is always overcharged for products and services by foreign owned businesses in our communities.

A few facts worth consideration:
Asians keep a dollar in their community 120 times longer than blacks.
Jewish people keep a dollar in their community 20 days longer than blacks.
The average white community keeps a dollar 17 days longer than blacks.
In the black community sadly, a dollar circulates in the community for 6 hours!
Black buying power is enormous!
Each year Black America spends $1.2 Trillion dollars; too often we patronize businesses that do not respect us or our dollar.

Who among us hasn’t experienced an Asian shopkeeper saying, “OKAY, YOU BUY, YOU BUY, OR GET OUT!”
I had this experience not so long ago while in Venice Beach, in California, I went inside the only Asian
Bodegas on the boardwalk and I was eyeing this t-shirt with the word DISOBEY on it.
Immediately and old Asian woman approached me and says, “You Buy, or get the fuck out.”
Asians, not all, but too many have this twisted notion that all blacks are poor and less educated.

West Coast rapper “YG” was in hot water for “Meet the Flockers” for in his rap he tells us,
“First, find a house and scope it out. Find a Chinese neighborhood cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.”

Chinese Philosophy:
Ying and Yang are opposites but they are interconnected.
Everything on the universe consist of two opposing forces, but complimentary.
Life/Death, Heaven/ Earth, Night/Day, Health/Sickness, and Poverty/Wealth.
Suddenly Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s song, “Ebony & Ivory” are playing in my head.

The main stream media plays a major role in class division and racism against blacks.
Arabs can open a business in a black community and they never smile at you, always this cold stare yet our dollars enable them to feed their wives and children. Muslims cry about how they are treated in America and in Europe.
Arabs never talk about how badly they treat black customers.
Lately we see racism in the Arab world against Africans. Just this past month a Sudese worker was filmed by her Arab employer as she fell seven floors to the ground. More stories are coming forward about the abuse from Arabs toward Africans. Some Arabs actually call their African workers slaves.

In America, in our own communities we feel the ill will toward us each day by foreign shopkeepers.
Even that notorious liar Dr. Hawass, who insists he is Caucasian, HI-LAR-IOUS!
The truth of the matter is the Arab shopkeepers have these stereotypes of blacks, yet they instinctively lust over black women. If I try to change a C-note, it’s a problem, all the while the shopkeeper is drooling like a Tex Avery cartoon character.

The black community is so open and accomodating to all people; since the 1990’s I have not seen a non-immigrant liquor store, gas station, Subway, or Dunkin Donuts.
A word to those foreigners that wish to do business in our communities:

Understand, the Black Dollar is quite powerful, so powerful in fact that we spend, Black American consumers spend
over $ 1.2 Trillion Dollars!
How much money does the Arab community spend each year in America?
To all you Black entrepreneurs, I leave you with this chant from Rick Rose.


Chicago, Il


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