#Atlanta- Shelton R. Moreland Uplifting Community

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”–Victor Hugo
—Grandmaster Shelton R. Moreland and his son

My friends today I am thrilled to talk about a dear friend and really a very outstanding human being and in my world the most unsung hero in the great city of Atlanta. The man is loved by countless Atlanta youth.
The man I speak of is Shelton R. Moreland.
I had the good fortune to work for Shelton R. Moreland and this gave me the opportunity to experience his kindness, consideration and true grace up close. I am a witness to the essence of this man.
In the Bible, Jesus tells us the story of the Good Samaritan.
From my perspective no one quite exemplifies it like Shelton R. Moreland.
He is always reaching out to all age groups, races, genders of the city of Atlanta.

I saw one day upon entering a Coffee shop there was a homeless man standing outside, it was in the winter time.
Shelton R. Moreland stood at the door and he began talking with this man, then he invited the man to come inside and he bought the man drink and food and also gave the man a few dollars.
I was very impressed by the largeness of his generosity for those less fortunate.

Another time, a young 19-year old girl, pregnant needing a job but having no office skills.
Shelton R. Moreland created a space in the office in which I worked.
Each day, Shelton would come by my office and ask me how she was doing, I hasten to add, it was Shelton R. Moreland who took the time and showed the girl how to do her task in the office setting, yes, it was Shelton R. Moreland who taught her how to file papers, work the computer, fax out documents, answer the phones and carry herself the right way in an office setting. Shelton R. Moreland paid her better than an average salary.

Another time he’s driving along Old National Highway in College Park and he see’s this guy out begging for change, he stops his car get’s out, puts out his hand and warmly introduces himself, he talks with the man and ask the man if he would like a job working for him handing out flyers. The man smile wide and a spark of enthusiasm shows in the man’s face. Shelton R. Moreland tells the man to report to work in the morning and before he leaves he pulls a few dollars from his pocket and hands to the man.

Shelton R. Moreland also cares for our elders, our seniors have a true friend in him, because every few weeks he makes it his business to go and spend time, bring food, breakfast, lunch. Our elders know he cares, he listens to their concerns and he also works to encourage them to exercise each day.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”
–Victor Hugo

Shelton R. Moreland’s commitment to our youth is legendary; Shelton is the founder of
AFTER SCHOOL TAEKWON-DO CAMP, the camp is an award winning specialty program that offers long sessions during the entire school year. Over the past twenty-five years Shelton R. Moreland has helped thousands of children with life skill lessons interlocked with the martial arts. No single person that I know has greater positive impact on the lives of our youth as Shelton R. Moreland. The generosity of his spirit, energy, and kindness cannot be weighed.

Shelton R. Moreland is a Grandmaster and is the holder of eight gold medals and he holds a black belt in Judo.
Grandmaster Shelton R. Moreland is a world famous instructor in the martial arts; he is highly respected around the world.

4826 Old National Highway
College Park, Georgia
Phone (404) 768-0507

Charles Micheaux
Micheaux Publishing
Atlanta, Georgia


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